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miss di

Botanical Gardens

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thought i'd share this spot with those of you looking for something that's a bit more off the beaten path than they typical weddings we see all over this forum (mine included! at las caletas, dreams, playa fiesta, and more...) i remember when i was looking into it i didn't see any info on here on the botanical gardens.


i was totally obsessed with the idea of having our wedding at the PV botanical gardens after going through their website and seeing this:


Botanical Gardens for Groups and Events


i'll be totally honest with you guys - i didn't even visit! we had an appt made to see it on the sunday we were in PV a couple of weekends ago, but just minutes into the boat ride to LC we made our decision. the downside to the gardens is that it is about a 45 minute bus ride there. if you don't mind that, then def. check this place out.


if anyone is interested, i have price sheets and quotes from them - SUPER affordable for those on a budget, as it operates as a non-profit (i think!) so money they get from weddings goes back into the gardens.


worth checking out...even though I didn't - i blame the short weekend trip!


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