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I got called in for an interview!!!!!! Help!!

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#1 Birdie07

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    Posted 09 April 2009 - 06:47 PM

    So if you been reading my other threads I finally quit nannying. I just couldn't do full time care for a baby when I wanted one so bad. I was just totally burnt out. My DH said I could stay home but I thought I would just keep an eye out for anything that really attracted me. Well I found one!

    It's a full time aide position for Social Services (CPS). I actually have experience from being a CASA (court appointed special advocate) Guardian at litem for kids in foster or state care. So I turned in my application and resume 2 weeks ago and kinda gave up cause they didn't call back. And then I sent in a follow up email and they called today!! I'm so nervous. I've never had a job that was like professional. Just being a nanny! I have to take a computer test to see how good I am with that and then interview in front of a panel. ACK! I'm really excited but so nervous. I wanted to be a social worker but never could afford to go to school so this could get my foot in the door. Plus I loved being a CASA and helping those kids.

    So any advice on interviewing I would so appreciate it. Especially those stupid questions like "What are your best qualities?" And what should I wear?!?!?!

    #2 roo66

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      Posted 09 April 2009 - 06:59 PM

      Oh my gosh, tips for interviews wear something a little different not black and white !!!!!!! may be key peices of jewelry.Best qualities ummmmmmmmm able to relate easily with people from different walks of life.A team player ummmmmmmmmm not judgemental,you treat people as you would like yourself and love ones to be treated ummmmm be bubbily alive and positive give lots of eye contact sit up right and breath !!!!!!!!! hope that helpsx

      #3 big3n09

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        Posted 09 April 2009 - 07:01 PM

        Wear something business like mabey a pants suite or skirt suite. If not wear some dress pants or a skirt with a nice blouse or top. I don't have any real advice but you could def go to monster.com for more help. I would answer questions as honestly as possible and because you had a similar job I would mention that. Another thing I have heard that is good is to get some information about the company before going to the interview so you will have a little knowledge about what your getting into. Good luck!!!
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        #4 Birdie07

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          Posted 09 April 2009 - 07:03 PM

          Good idea girls! Keep em coming. It's not a company it's government CPS child protective services...and my experience wasn't job I was a volunteer CASA.....I was assigned cases and represented them in court.

          #5 YaelM


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            Posted 09 April 2009 - 07:10 PM


            Id recommend to have a few questions ready to ask at the end because they ALWAYS ask if you have any so then it makes you look more prepared :)

            In terms of attire - Its always better to be over dressed than under dressed so if you have a suit go for it otherwise nice slacks or a professional skirt with a nice top

            Good luck - you will do great and it sounds like an amazing opportunity. keep us posted!

            #6 Jamaica0619

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              Posted 09 April 2009 - 07:14 PM

              I agree with the suit recommendation, if possible. Also, it always best if you have some questions, it does make you look well-prepared.

              Even though you may not have direct experience, I would leverage similar ideas/experiences in your volunteer work and experience being a nanny. These can often demonstrate qualities that they are looking for.
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              #7 Destination Scout

              Destination Scout
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                Posted 09 April 2009 - 07:49 PM

                Good luck! I believe Monster has practice questions. Maybe you could run through a few of those. I'm sure you'll do great.

                #8 tdmitchell

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                  Posted 09 April 2009 - 08:07 PM

                  Good Luck! Even though the CASA position was only volunteer, I would mention it because if you volunteered it shows your passion for that line of work.

                  #9 Birdie07

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                    Posted 09 April 2009 - 08:09 PM

                    Originally Posted by tdmitchell
                    Good Luck! Even though the CASA position was only volunteer, I would mention it because if you volunteered it shows your passion for that line of work.
                    I definitely did on my resume. I think thats why I got called in b/c I have background in it. The lady sounded so excited to meet me so I got excited just so super duper nervous!! Now I have to go shopping. For 11 years I've been dressing in jeans and t-shirts I finally have to wear slacks and jackets....I don't know what to do hahah!

                    #10 Virg

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                      Posted 09 April 2009 - 09:25 PM

                      I just spent the day interviewing ppl for a clerk position with the government agency I work with. You want to be prepared! (Obvious I know) but take some time and try to do something like this:
                      1- Look at the agency / company website, figure out and memorize (as much as possible) exactly what they do (their mandate) their corporate values.
                      2- Research the job position, pick out the central traits they are looking for (normally something like: respect, tact, observational skills, people skills), as well as the main duties.
                      3- Search (or ask a friend) to give you sample interview questions. Monster is great resource, as are many other career websites.
                      4- Write everything down. Expect the basic questions like: "How are you in stressful situations, let’s say the phone is ringing, there is a line of 5 people waiting to see you, and your boss is expecting you to finish a report by end of day" ; basic team work question "A colleague comments that the new person in the office wears too much cologne, is under performing, and does not seem to grasp the consequences of the backlog she is creating, how do you handle the situation" (etc, etc)
                      5- PRACTICE - remember those values in comment 2, try to use those exact words as often as possible, guaranteed they are looking for it!
                      **** Have a good nights sleep**** easier said than done....
                      6- Bring an extra copy of your resume, and a typed up page with your references.
                      7- East your normal breakfast, skip the caffeine, and arrive at least 10 minutes early. :)
                      8- Always ask questions at the end, however, I don’t suggest you ask about salary. Advancement, daily tasks are a good starting point.
                      9- Send a thank you email or phone call 1 week after. Ask for constructive criticism, it displays initiative.

                      Let me know if you want more interview questions, I know so many, we can set up an interview online

                      Best of luck!
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