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Sorry Heidi,


I think most everyone here can relate. We ran into a similar dilemna looking at doing a room block. Actually, we didn't even get as far as finding out how much exactly they were wanting for a room deposit because except for the wedding party and the parental units, no one could give us a definite yeah or nay as to whether or not they were coming. With the bridal party, we didn't meet the 10 room minimum. Eventually we decided that it was too much stress worrying about it and the whole point of doing a destination wedding was to make it less stressful for us. The people we really want to be there will be there (even if we have to help them a little financially) and we trust that if people really want to come, they'll make their arrangements in time (or ante up for higher room fees or a day pass for the resort.) And if some people don't really want to come, we don't want them there anyways because we don't need any party poopers. If it makes you feel any better, my brother's wife was complaining and saying they wouldn't be able to make it if we didn't have the wedding during a school vacation (she was saying even my brother wouldn't make it even though his job has nothing to do with academics) but we went ahead with the plans that were better for us anyways. She's now taking off a whole week to be there.



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Heidi - bummer that you are going through this - hugs to you! I'm going to throw out a suggestion that I haven't seen yet:


Have you considered doing something at a smaller non AI resort? That's what we did, and while we really would have liked everybody to stay there with us, we realized that wasn't realistic (no matter where we had it). So, our agreement with the Cabo Surf involved a $4K deposit to save our date and no room commitment. The $4K went toward our rooms and our reception food & beverages. I actually ended up having like an $800 credit after all was said & done.


I realize money is an issue here, but if you found a place where you could make a similar arrangement, you would be assured all of your money put down would go toward your event or you would get it back. Then peopel would be on their own in terms of where to stay. Just a thought.

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