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Any one used this Boudoir Photographer......

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The Photographer I am talking about is Infini Bourdoir Glamour Photography. The web site is INFINI Boudoir Glamour Photographer Indianapolis Chicago Houston Phoenix Denver Boulder Washington DC. They are based out of Indianapolis but he goes on a tour and he is coming to Houston and was just wondering if anyone had every heard of him or us him.

Here the list of city he will be in:

January 17 Washington DC SOLD OUT!

February 7 Boston, MA SOLD OUT!

March 14 San Diego, CA SOLD OUT!

May 2 Atlanta, GA - Hurry! - Only a few spaces left!

May 30 Denver, CO - Hurry! - Only a few spaces left!

June 27 Houston, TX

July 25 Chicago, IL

August 29 Washington DC

September 12 Denver, CO

October 10 San Diego, CA

November 14 Dallas, TX

November 28 Phoenix, AZ

December 5 San Diego, CA

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They really are and there are only a few in Houston that I liked. I like the high end look that his work has to it. There is another girl from Houston that would like to do this and is looking to get a group together. I don't know if you are looking for something like that or not, but i told her to let me know who she find and I might be up to doing something.

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