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My Inconsiderate Family - Need Help ASAP

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Originally Posted by lil_miss_frogg View Post
Something I have concidered, but may appear rude, is to have my wedding during the week of the FR and only give invites those that I want to come to the wedding. Also, if we do this we will have to change location of the wedding to somewhere that can handle larger weddings/FR. So we may switch to somewhere in the panhandle of Florida. I am so confused....as I would LOVE to have my family there and the extra $$$ for the wedding....but is it what I REALLLLLLY want? I don't know! Another thing is, if we do this we wouldn't be able to afford to do our planned AHR for our friends. Which is something we really wanted to do. I am so torn...but so far the bad totally outweighs the good! I don't know! girl_werewolf.gif
That sucks hun!
I personally think that you should stick with your original plan & location. You obviously picked that spot for a reason & I don't think you should let a FR change that. I also don't think it's a good idea to invite only some of your family members to the wedding if they are all going to be in the area. Just my opinion...but again, its your wedding & you can do whatever you want!!!
I hope you don't stress too much about this, you have other things to think about - like shoes & such! lol

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