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Legal Paperwork? Freaking!

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Originally Posted by YLANMUI View Post
Hey girls --

So I'm supposed to be getting married NEXT WEEK,and a friend just sent me this little blurb from the State Dept. Web site:

I am an American citizen planning to get married in Mexico and have been told that I need a copy of my birth certificate with an "apostille." What is an apostille, and how do I get one?
An apostille is a certification that is valid for use in a foreign country. Information regarding authentication or legalization of documents, including how to obtain an apostille, is available at http://travel.state.gov/law/notarial...ntication.html

Ummmmmm, tell me why I had never heard of this beforehuh.gifhuh.gif? Maye is my wedding coordinator, and she is supposed to be taking care of all of the legal paperwork!!!! She never ONCE mentioned this to me. She says it's because it's not required in all states, but um, don't you thikn she should've told me long ago to checkhuh.gifhuh.gif I didn't give much thought to all the paperwork because I figured she was handling it (which is why I hired her, right?). But now I'm worried that she's missing things (like the apostille) and all my paperwork won't be in order.

I read one site that also said that our birth certificate has to be translated into Spanishhuh.gif Along with all other important documents except for our passports? And the site said that our blood work had to be done in Mexico, and Maye says we need to do it here in the U.S.!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone know anything definitive about anythinghuh.gif??

Trying to breathe ...


Ylan- Just wondering what ever happened with the paperwork stuff? How did it all turn out and did you have any trouble?

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of course you can get married to the same person twice!!! i know a couple who gets married every time they go on a trip somewhere. they find out the requirements ahead of time and just do it while they are there. it is like a fun little tradition for them!

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