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MY DIY Fake Flower Bouquets & Bouttoneirs ***PICS***

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Originally Posted by Scott-Pierre View Post
Your flowers look fabulous! You did a wonderful job! If u don't mind me asking, how much did the supplies end up costing?
I think I ended up spending just over $200 dollars and a few hours of time. I ended up making 6 small bouquets, and my bridal bouquet as well as bouts. The flowers doubled as centerpieces, and everyone RAVED about how beautiful my flowers were and the fact that they didn't die. People only knew they were fake when i told them and then didn't believe me! I have them in my living room right now, and yesterday a friend came over and was like "oh my god, these are still alive from your wedding?" it was hilarious, she didn't know they were fake.

Anyways, i am planning on selling them one of these days, just gotta get my act together!

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