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Paradisus Brides...Punta Cana or Palma Real?

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Originally Posted by emerald View Post
Foxytv - Did you see a big difference between PPC and PPR? Was PPR worth the extra money? I have already read some of the more recent posts for these resorts, but I will definitely take some time to explore the older posts as well.
It just depends what you are looking for. PPC is more FUN and expansive - LOTS more to do, so it was perfect for our 40 guests (age 4 to 80). PPR was better as a luxurious honeymoon spot for us. We were very happy with our decisions.

If you have an active family that will want to do things, definitely PPC - and its worth every penny.

If your family wants more of a relaxing vacations with not muych to do but lounge at the pool or on the beach - go w/ PPR if you can afford the extra $$.

We are returning to PPC with numerous guests next year for a 2nd anniversary trip.

We don't plan on returning to PPR - although it was gorgeous, luxurious and perfect! We are just more active people and nightlife people (NO nightlife at PPR).

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Yeah, that's how much it would've cost us had we had guests staying off of the resort we are staying at(Melia Caribe). Most AI resorts will charge a fee for a pass. I would send an email to the WC's at the PPR to find out how much a day/night pass would be to have outside guests come to your wedding.


Have you thought about the RUI's in Punta Cana?? There are five resorts on one property all at different price points/star ratings but are able to stay and play at them all (except for the RIU Palace). I think that holds true with the Iberostar's as well. If the price is what the guests are concerned about...this may be another option for you.

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