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Any other Brides from U.K getting married at Dreams Tulum

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Hi girls,


Just wondering if there are any Brides travelling from the U.K to Dreams Tulum for their wedding? We are booked with Thomas Cook now but really struggled with getting a tour operator who actually goes there. None of the advertised rates seem to exist, the free child place offer does not apply to us Brits and lots of our preferred guests have 2 or 3 children each and simply cannot afford to attend. We feel that we are paying a fortune for the privelige of "choosing" the hotel we want rather than let the tour operators preference dictate where we go!!!


Would love to swap stories with anyone with similiar experiences.


After seeing the wonderful reviews on here I wouldn't now consider changing venues but still feel that I wish I'd looked around more before setting my heart on Dreams.


Good Luck with the planning girls, many thanks for your inspiration and ideas so far.

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I'm from the UK and kids go free at Dreams Cancun so i'm not sure why they don't at Tulum. Give Carribean Warehouse a ring and see what they say. I was going to book through Thomas Cook but they were a lot more expensive.


Where abouts in the UK are you from?

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Hi Hartyt509,


Thanks for your response. Our original choice was Cancun, wish we'd stuck with it now!


We checked with Caribbean Warehouse (it was initially their advertised offer prices that made the whole thing seem cost effective!!) Once we gave them our actual dates (22nd March) they were quite pricey. My fiance got them into a bidding war with Thomas Cook and after minimal discounts and lots of umming and aahhing they eventually refused to meet the Price that we got from Thomas Cook.


We did get it for less than brochure price but still costing £1,700 per adult and £550 per child and to be honest they are not doing a lot for their money, still insist we have to pay more to pre-book seats and now trying to charge us an extra £30 "difficult" booking fee cos some people are travelling at different dates!


We will be checking carribbean warehouse regularly closer to the time to look for late deals for those that cant book yet.


Im mega intrigued about the free child place thing, you'll be pleased to hear you definately got a bargain there cos in the small print on the dreams resort site it states they are only for USA and Canadian citizens. Im def going to mention it to T.Cook!


We have also been told another poss price issue may be our wedding dates proximity to Easter and Spring Break.


Im originally from Leeds, but future hubby's a Lancashire lad so now we're based in Preston. Whereabouts are you?


Just over a month to go for you.... thewave.gif Hope all goes well in the run up to the big day.

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Yeah thats how much its costing me for the tower but at the time it was about £1500 pp when we booked last april. I agree tho they aren't helpful in the slightest lol I've had to sort out the wedding myself and they were really quite rude to one of the people that rang and tried to book. I was lucky tho the guy I had arranged it so that FMIL flew on a different day from a different airport - now that I could have kissed him for lol


Because i'm getting married in May I didn't really have that prob about the holidays but I can't see why that would make a difference with it being spring break. You've lucked out because of the drop in the exchange rate.


Ah my other half was brought up in Bridlington but i'm a mackem born and bred so when he's in this country we live in Sunderland lol Been to preston many times mostly for Court tho lol


Yeah it's coming up far too quickly if you ask me lol

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