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Newbie overhere desperate for info re: recent weddings in mexico riviera maya!

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#11 dinogomez.com

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    Posted 31 March 2009 - 11:15 PM

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations!! You've come to the right place; here you can find all the info you need for a fun, smooth and successful planning!! Enjoy!!!

    #12 xayuk

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      Posted 01 April 2009 - 04:54 AM

      Congratulations and Best of Luck!

      #13 michellepicksbrent

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        Posted 01 April 2009 - 07:19 AM

        Welcome to the forum Betty! I hope you're able to find all the information you need to make your DW a complete success!!

        #14 Macphail

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          Posted 01 April 2009 - 10:15 AM

          Congrats MBettyB and welcome to the forum! You'll find lots of great ideas and sources to help with your 2010 wedding plans. Best of luck and please let any of us know how we can help.

          #15 ~Stephanie~

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            Posted 01 April 2009 - 10:18 AM

            Welcome Betty! We have a lots of info here that will help you out and put your parents minds at ease. Good Luck with your plans!

            Our wedding websitewww.mywedding.com/stephanieandmichaelbailey

            #16 Msbettybernier

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              Posted 02 April 2009 - 11:31 AM

              Thx for alllthe kind words everyone!

              Chloe55-You and I are on the same page. I just hope things calm down by next yr! Lets keep our fingers crossed!
              ~MsBettyB soon to be MsBettyL~

              #17 SoonToBeE

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                Posted 02 April 2009 - 11:47 AM

                Was just in the MR for 2 weeks and didn't experience any issues. I can't speak for 2010....but last week you wouldn't know anything was different. We went on a few excursions and guests of our used the public collectivo without any issues at all.

                We had a few guests go into Playa several times and they said they felt completely safe....

                Our travel agent told us that unless you are going to a border town, trying to buy drugs or prosititutes or doing other things you shouldn't be doing.....that you were basically safe.

                Good luck!

                #18 BlakleyBrideToBe

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                  Posted 06 May 2009 - 05:33 PM

                  Congrats and welcome

                  #19 MomentsThatMatter

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                    Posted 06 May 2009 - 06:21 PM

                    As mentioned in some of the posts, and living in the Mayan area (Playa del Carmen)... life is as dangerous as you want it to be. If going off resort and hanging out in bad parts of town... you are bound to find trouble. If looking for illegal activities, as with anywhere in the world, your chances of finding trouble are going to rise.
                    If you sticking with "main stream" tourist activities... in "main stream" Mexico.... you will be as safe as you are anywhere in the world. There are thousands of people around, including police and military (that's just the way it is here), that want nothing from you but to make sure everything is safe for everyone.
                    I feel safer here in Paya and going out at night than I would walking downtown in my home town of Calgary Canada.
                    Im sure the media will continue to "sensationalize" stories in Mexico. The fact remains... if you want to pick a location, any location, you can talk about the horror that happen there. I bet Mexico is a lot more safe (especially in the Mayan area), than it is where you live.
                    That is just my opinion... but I am bias... I live here and LOVE IT!
                    Lincoln (& Lori)
                    Lincoln & Lori @ Moments that Matter Photography
                    Playa Del Carmen Wedding Photographers - Mexico - Cancun - & Mayan Riviera
                    Web: http://momentsthatmatterphotography.com/
                    Blog: http://momentsthatmatterphotography.com/blog/

                    #20 Msbettybernier

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                      Posted 11 May 2009 - 12:40 PM

                      Thx all! After coming back from Riviera Maya and staying at the Riu Palace, I can say I wasn't in fear for my life at all. The FI and I even went into town (it was only a $5 cab ride/8 mins away!) Go for it!
                      ~MsBettyB soon to be MsBettyL~

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