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Scalp Psoriasis

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Hi There! I feel your pain! I have had psorisis for over 20 years covering about 60% of my body, I have tried everything OTC to injections. Light treatments are good for temporary relief, but if you stop it comes back. Nto to mention over exposure will maek it worse. Works for some, but it always comes back. Since psoriasis is an AutoImmune Diesease it is best to do things like controlloing your diet. This is a struggle for me. No Alcohol, low fat, no red meat, spicy food, etc. But if you have never been treated by a dermatologist, now is the time. Trust I have tried everything! OTC just dont work for me. But then everyone is different. I stopped using Tar treatments years ago, there are far better treatments out there, considereing the smell. It makes me ill! But you will a perscription if you want something to work fast!


Also the best treatments for me have been liquid clobetosol, and a shampoo I cant remeber the name..I will have to look tonight. You just squeeze in your scalp and massage...very quick results. I also use topical steriods, called Westcort on my face...it is a lower dose, so it is supposed to be more safe than full strength. Dont wait to get into the derm, call and say it is an emergency, you will find the best OTC and advice from a dermatologist and by doing lots of reasech. Good luck!


I glanced at this site, and looks pretty good, check it out. I also use the National Psoriasis Foundation.


Psoriasis treatment - Treatment and cure for psoriasis - Scalp psoriasis cure

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I have been having problems with this on my scalp as well! At first, I started losing gobs of hair (I know that naturally everyone loses around 100 strands a day...but this was MUCH more!)...I chalked it up to some postpartum crap--since we ladies get to experience all sorts of fun effects after delivery! My hairdresser was like "oh, yeah this is about the time you're likely to start losing hair due to hormone fluctuations and whatnot" but he also mentioned that I have a "dry scalp". I went in 3 months later & then he used the word psoriasis & I'm like "WHAT is THAT?!"


My mom told me sun is good for drying it up but since I am a momma now, I don't get a whole lot of time to devote to being a *sun-goddess*. I am not opposed to indoor tanning, as I *do* live up north where winters are long, cold, and dark :P but does anyone know if it can clear up psoriasis of the scalp? This crap has honestly been going on for around 9 months now, where it goes through spurts of kinda clearing up to flaring up. My hair has been completely lackluster, frizzy, lifeless, constantly thinning, just plain FRUSTRATING to even work with. Lucky for me, I don't have to leave the house everyday because if I did, I would have some serious meltdowns every morning. Additionally, I am having to deal with all my "regrowth"...annoying little hairs that stick straight up & will not stay down despite all the product I may use to tame them :P


I really hope I can blame the psoriasis for my hairloss and, in turn, hopefully solving the one problem will solve the other issue :) How long have you ladies had to deal with this? How long do the various forms of treatment take to work? Does it typically come back after treatment? I'm rather knew to the whole having psoriasis thing..

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