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I am making my best friend's programs for her ceremony. I have it all in my mind how to make them. Problem is I'm having trouble with the wording. Did all you girls break down of the ceremony in your programs. I did do a search in this forum but all I can find are how to make them. Like I said before I know how to make them but I want to see the wording you used. Only if you don't mind me cheating off you. HAHA!!! I know there's no unity candle and a closing prayer and no sand ceremony. So besides the names of the wedding party and family what else did you ladies add. I would love to see pics that i could read what you did. Thanks for your help.


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not sure i'm doing one, but here are some possibilities of things to include:


front page/cover

bride & groom's names, wedding date & location


wedding party

(can also include parents/grandparents names)



officiant's name (if known)


processional (song title/artist)

bride's processional (song title/artist)


reading (if any, title/author and name of reader)

marriage vows

exchange of the rings

solo or musical interlude (if any, song title/artist/performer)

signing of marriage certificate

sand ceremony

pronouncement of marriage

recessional (song title/artist)


thank yous/in loving memory

a place to give special thanks to guests, parents, and other important people, and honor the dearly departed

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Originally Posted by scottgm2 View Post
great info, I like the thanks you / in loving memory , but I may seperate the two
oh yeah, definitely separate them!! LOL ... i was just throwing it out there. i did a program for a friend and she had both on the same page, but separate.

more stuff to consider: if you have any traditions that your guests may not understand, it's really nice to describe them, the reasons behind them, and symbolism. for instance, in a jewish wedding explaining the breaking of the glass.

if i do a program for my own wedding, i will include a bit about our rings, because they are inscribed with "mo anam cara" which means "my soulmate" in irish gaelic. little tidbits of info like that are always nice to include.

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