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Thoughts on Circle Seating? *with a pic*

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I wanted to provide a more visual example of the circle setup.


This photo came from Paul and Rachel's wedding in Tulum.  The orange fabric represents a chuppah.   Guests play musical insturments and are really a big part of the ceremony.




Here the groom waits inside the circle for the bride (Rachel), escorted by her mother.  There are people very close to her, just opening up a gap for the two of them to walk through.



Wide angle shot, showing the blessing of one of the 4 cardinal directions.  Guests standing observing.



Here is Tal and Terence at Maroma Spa and resort... Without guests.  The circle is clearly outlined with maracas.  Each guests is encouraged to make noise and celebrate when the couple goes to each of the 4 cardinal directions.



Guests arriving, maracas line the circle.



Vertical shot... before the Bride and Groom arrive.



Tal and Terence entering.  To the left, you can see the bride about to enter the circle.  The two people facing the opposite way were her mom and dad. They turn and greeted them when they first arrived in the circle.




Guests celebrate, couple is blessed with smoke from Copal.



More guests celebrating as they enter the circle and do a lap around the entire circle... Awesome photo moments!




totally awesome expressions from the guests as they complete the circle.




Thats actually Fred Savage from the Wonder Years in the sunglasses celebrating Tal and Terence's big lap around the circle.



First kiss, blessed with water from best man and made of honor...standing guests look on.



Terence's mom stands front and center with big emotion....



Ok, hope that helps visualize standing :)   More Tal and Terence stuff here: http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=298

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Originally Posted by soontobemrsdow View Post


that looks like such an amazing fun experience...maybe ill have to talk to the fi about this one...


Amazing Fun Experience only scratches the surface of what these kind of ceremonies can offer :)  Glad u like...good luck talking to the FI about this.  If you need help, send him our way, we are happy to give him some motivational advice...we are pretty good at that.  Saludos!


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just wanted to post another circular seating event we did at Al Cielo... 





and here is one from Ana y Jose Beach Club in Tulum, although they were seated normally at one point, then standing, then circular, all over the place with lots of movement and very very dramatic imagery from this cosmic / maya ceremony.



Lisa & Reed's slideshow at Ana y Jose Beach Club:  http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=413

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I JUMP FOR JOY each and every time we have the chance to shoot one.   Specifically, Cosmic Ceremonies or Mayan Ceremonies showcase this style of seating.  Every guest can participate, makes for amazing backgrounds and simply, awesome photography with this kind of setup.



Guests just HAVE fun at these weddings, I've never seen bigger smiles.



big reactions



everybody throws flowers as they first kiss... or bubbles, or blessed water droplets from doused by flowers... just unreal the emotional reactions and feeling that everybody has..



Offerings are an awesome part of the ceremony involvement.  These cosmic ceremonies ask a permission from the 4 cardinal directions, North, South, East and West... ending with an offering of seeds and fruits to the ocean..



they are throwing apples and mangos at me, seriously thats the splashing you see here...big fun!




hope you can choose a circular guest arrangement.   Maria & Charlie are our HIGHLY Recommended Shamans!  Ask your coordinator today, I think they charge $500 or $600 USD, depending on the location.

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