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departure gift vs OOT

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So I have been going around and around on the idea of OOT bags. I have finally decided for our 65 guests it will cost around $800 plus dollars; plus the hassle of having to pack everything to PV. So with that said I think I may do a departure gift instead.


I am planning to send the following to our RSVP guests 2-3weeks out from the wedding:


A small package that will have the following:


Twang Lemon-Lime long neck bottle beer salt


check them out they are cute:

Twang Lemon Lime Long Neck Cd, 1.4-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 24): Amazon.com: Your Store



Mini bottles of Tequila



Mini limes


Spanish for Dumbies


CD with songs to inspire you to pack for a Mexico vacation


Note card with the lyrics to "Tiny Dancer" this is our finale song at the wedding in which we will have Mexican sparklers distributed to guests and they can all practice before hand, so they know the lyrics to Tiny Dancer (this is an inside joke between my friends and I that everyone always wants to sing Tiny Dancer but most people jack up the words)




Of course their Welcome Letter: that will state the important stuff and also include something along these lines (I AM OPEN FOR IDEAS ON A PLAY ON WORDS FOR THE INTRO LETTER)


"Have a shot of tequila, put on the CD, get some friends together to help you pack while you all take a turn on remember the lyrics to Tiny Dancer, and brush up on your spanish... Oh and don't forget to pack....... See you in Mexico" AGAIN OPEN TO SOMETHING MORE CREATIVE HERE


PS I tried to post pictures but for some reason it wouldn't let me. I believe I am doing it right. Is anyone else having a problem copy/pasting from photobucket?

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I like the idea of a departure gift rather than an OOT bag because I don't want to travel with all that stuff. I was also thinking about putting a travel book for Jamaica in the gift bags. This way the guests could get an idea of small details about currency exchange and transportation. I think I will also do a departure gift instead. How are you planning to give the gifts to the guest? Mailing them?

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That is the best part. I am ordering small wooden boxes and am going to put all the stuff in them. I am going to hand deliver about 15 of them. Then send one box full of them to my mom, who will distribute the ones there. I will be mailing the rest. I am trying to keep cost in check, so this was the best way for me.


Here is my price breakdown: (oh and with 65 guests I am deliver one per household so I only have to give out 40ish)


$1.00 Dummies books

$1.50 Jose Cuervo Tequila

$1.40 Twang lemon-lime beer salt

$1.40 wooden box

$0.00 printing lyrics on my left over wedding invite paper

$0.15 mini limes bought a large bag of mini limes, might not even be that much

$0.00 CD's had extra blank ones around the house

$0.50 CD case holder (printing cover page myself)

$3.49 shipping (only have to ship around 25 of them, the others will be hand delivered)


$324 total saving about $500-$600 by not doing OOT bag:)


Oh and printing of the welcome letter by vistaprint, not sure on cost yet

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I think it's a great idea! I am doing an OOT bag but I have 40 guests and was worried about bringing everything down/extra weight as well. If I had anymore I would have scratched the idea. I think this is a great alternative.


I love the wooden box idea. So great.


FYI- vistaprint is having a "free" day today. I just got an email so check it out.

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