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We booked the 90 person catamaran with about 50 people. It was a lot of fun. We went with the open bar option and there was a ton of liquor. They even gave us snacks even though we didn't choose the food option. You can ask them for a price quote for open bar only option.


The waves in the bay get worse as the day goes on. We had a few people get sea sick and on the way back from Los Arcos it was pretty hard to sit or walk around the top deck. Those of us not prone to sea sicknes and a little tipsy from the open bar had a blast up there. Others not so much.


I would not bother with the snorkeling though. They don't give you fins or snorkels, just masks. It is a more like a marathon swim in a current to the rocks, through the opening of the rock, into the shallow water where there are some fish and then a long swim back to the boat against the current. Not at all what I expected. A good laugh though and great pictures of everyone in old fashioned masks and life jackets around their waist.


We did this the same day as our welcome dinner and everyone was exhausted for the dinner that night. I highly recommend you plan only one activity per day.


Here is the link to the group I used: http://puertovallartatours.net/private-catamaran-charter-groups.htm

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