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Dreams La Romana

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#1351 hermosahoops

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    Posted 17 August 2010 - 10:10 AM


    I recently felt like I had found the perfect resort and then when reading the resort description I noticed we cannot swim in the ocean!


    Akkelly, is this at Dreams La Romana? I have seen pictures of people swimming in the ocean, so I'm not quite sure what you are talking about.

    #1352 dcairns

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      Posted 17 August 2010 - 12:27 PM

      Originally Posted by akkelly 

      I also feel the same way. I recently felt like I had found the perfect resort and then when reading the resort description I noticed we cannot swim in the ocean! I am restarting my search now.... 

      You can swim in the ocean at the Dreams la romana... even snorkle...

      #1353 Pink_Petals

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        Posted 17 August 2010 - 01:39 PM

        Akkelly...of course you can swim at DLR!!! I dont think any of us would have chosen a resort and made all of our guests pay $$$ for a vacation where they could only go swimming in a pool!

        You can check out hundreds of pictures of the resort on tripadvisor or on oyster.com....even on facebook!

        Married @ Dreams La Romana, Dominican Republic September 10th 2010

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          Posted 17 August 2010 - 03:38 PM

          Well hello ladies!! I am so sorry for taking so long to write my review! I cannot believe we have been married for over a month already! Time really flies by too quickly.... So here goes my review!



          We flew Continental from Newark, NJ straight to Punta Cana. There were 24 of us. We rented a party bus that picked us up promptly at 4am! Everyone was so excited! Before we left, my husband and I gave everyone their gifts that we made for them which included t-shirts saying "Headed to Paradise...for Eric and Gaby's Wedding," mugs with our names and date on them, and nips (mini vodkas). We got to the airport with plenty of time and had no trouble getting through security. Well, except for my fiance's grandfather that does not speak a word of English. He got searched because he kept beeping going through the metal detector. No one knew what was making him beep until he started pulling nip after nip out of his pockets! lol. Other than that everything went smoothly. They hung my dress up in the front of the plane and the staff was very friendly. The airport is very different from a US airport- no AC but music to welcome you! When the little mariachi band saw me carrying my wedding dress and my Bride tiara on my head, they started playing "Here comes the Bride." So cool! After we all got our luggage, we found our bus and were off to the resort!


          Check in/Rooms

          It took us about an hour and a half to get to the resort. Once there, check in wasn't too bad. There were a lot of us and some with special requests (for my husband's grandparents to be on the bottom floor, etc.) and after a little confusion, everyone had their room. We got ours right away. We did not get a suite but we did get upgraded to preferred club priviledges. We asked about a suite our second week- because the first week we wanted to be close to everyone and didn't mind- but were told we would have to pay more. It really didn't matter to us and were actually glad we stayed where we were because we had so much stuff! Our room was beautiful. We had a great view of the preferred club pool and ocean. We were on the top (third) floor which was cool because the ceiling looked like a cabin ceiling- wood rafters. And at night, when it rained, it sounded really cool. The room was clean everyday- always fresh towels. No bugs in our room. We stayed in building 5. The only thing is I wish they would have refilled our suntan lotion and stuff more often. But that was okay because everytime we passed the maid's cart, I would swipe what I could! lol:)



          In my opinion, the hotel is amazing. It is just so beautifully decorated and has a nice modern feel to it. It has so many restaurants and even though we did not get to try them all, the ones we did try were delcious! The buffet is great and you have to make sure you try the pizza by the main pool (served from noon-6). The beach bar was the bar we frequented the most- Santos, Cesar, and Beto were excellent bartenders. They really got to know our family well the first week. Especially Grandpa- he would sit by the bar playing canasta with a bottle of Absolut next to him. They were excellent and during our Honeymoon week, the second week, Santos would even bring our drinks to us. We made sure before we left to tip them extra because they made our trip even more enjoyable. The bar by the main pool is really good, too. Eric and I became familiar with this one really during our second week. I think it started on the day we received the DVD of our pictures and spent 5 hours trying to pick out which ones we wanted. After we left the room, and went through 2 bottles of champagne, we went to the main pool bar and met Antonio. He took care of us for the rest of the day (with 3 bottles later) and also the rest of the trip. We didn't really visit the pool bar too much which surprised us because the pool bar is important to us whenever we are picking a place to go on vacation. The beach was too amazing to pass up, though...



          Dreams's beach is just breathtaking. First of all, the sand is smooth and clean. They have huge palapas all over the beach for people to go and sit under. The water is so clear and really is like a pool. There really aren't any waves so it is nice and calm. The view from the beach is the pier on one side and a local fishing village on the other. It really is so pretty because there are always boats docked over there and it just makes it feel...I don't know...more like you aren't in the middle of nowhere. There are always games going on and the entertainment staff to get you going to participate. If you do, you can earn their funny money which can be used at the auctions during the week to get free stuff like bottles of mamjuana and paintings. You can walk down the beach a bit to go to the little village but be careful because there are vendors there that will walk with you down the beach to try and get you to buy something.



          The entertainment was pretty good. Some of the shows were better than others. We honestly did not see many of the shows but the ones we did see, we enjoyed. The Disco was pretty cool. Most nights they played local music but they also had themed nights. The casino was small but was fun. We won a little bit but then ended up giving it back:) Other than our wedding night, the best night there was the night we arrived- the fourth of July. After getting pretty tipsy at the pool bar and then on the beach, we all showered and changed and went to dinner at the pool party. They had tables and tables of food set up along with tables and chairs to sit. They had live music, a show, and then more live music. Unfortunately, most of our party went to bed early because we did have a long day of travelling, but Eric and I and a few others were not ready for bed! We danced and sang and me and one of Eric's cousins even jumped in the pool in our undies! It was great!



          When we were there with everyone, we went to Saona Island. This is a definite must. We had such a blast! We got picked up at our resort at 9am. This was soo cool because usually you have to drive somewhere and spend time on a bus. Once we got on, they gave us beer and rum and water. They had music and a videographer and it was just great. When we got there, they fed us lunch- so good!- and we hung out for a few hours. The water was beautiful and the sand had pink sparkles in it! After our time was up, they took us to a sandbar in the middle of the ocean that was shallow enough to stand. And here, we found and held real starfish! This was so cool! They wanted to take us back but we kept tipping them so they let us stay pretty late. There are other excursions that you can go on, but this one I highly recommend. We didn't go anywhere during our second week because we didn't want to waste time on a bus that we could be enjoying as the resort.



          We did have one rainy day our first week- and that was LizzyJane's wedding day. We did meet up a couple nights and even though her pictures are beautiful, she was even more beautiful in person! She was very sweet and so was her hubby:) We enjoyed hanging out with them and wished we could have spent more time together. But sometimes it is hard with such a large group. If it does rain, there is always a rain schedule on the newsletter you get every night for the following day.

          Be careful of the vendors that frequent the resort every other day. They set their booths up by the pool (the main area) and can be very pushy. Just say no thank you and smile and usually that is enough for them to back off.

          One thing I really want to comment on is tipping the staff. They work really hard and some of them work 12 hours a day, with only one day off a week. We spent quite a bit on tips but it is so worth it. At this resort, they will take care of you regardless, but it is always appreciated and remembered if you do slip them a little something for taking such good care of you.


          My next post will be our wedding review!



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            Posted 17 August 2010 - 04:16 PM


            Tiara is great. She does take a little time responding to emails, but once you meet her and see how much she has to do, it becomes clear why. We met with her 2 days after we arrived. She went through everything with us and answered any questions we had. We told her how we wanted the centerpieces and the tables and it turned out better than we even dreamed of! She is there for anything you need and stays for most of the wedding to make sure everything is going smoothly. She defintely knows what she is doing so please girls, just trust her. I was not one of those brides that had to know everything about everything...I knew that it would turn out great and was even more confident after we met with Tiara.


            HDC Photo

            HDC takes amazing pictures and we are so glad we chose them. Arnaud is very personable and very sweet and really knows the best places on the resort to take pictures. I will try and post some of our pics but please, if you have facebook and would like to see the rest of ours, just request me (Gaby Michalik) because I cannot describe how good they came out. And, you get so much in the packages. We got the biggest package and it was worth every penny and more. Arnaud even stayed longer than he had to and we were very appreciative of that. He brought us our pics later the second week and sat with us as we went through them. Again, I highly recommend HDC if you really want some amazing pictures to remember your special day by.


            DJ Mannia

            Carlos with DJ Mannia was great. He was setting up as I was walking to the beach to get married. He is very friendly and will play anything you want him to. He followed our lead- everyone in our group loves to dance- and really played to our crowd. We even brought a CD of Polish songs (my hubby's fam is Polish) and played some songs off of that. He was great and he stayed a little longer for us, as well.


            Pastor Rick York

            Pastor York was great and we were so glad we made it legal here and official in DR. His ceremony was beautiful and made most of our crew tear up. He is a very sweet man and worth having him if he is available! He is a great addition!


            The Wedding

            Our wedding really turned out better than we dreamed. I spent the night before with some of my girls- and the boys spent the night together. We went to the spa in the morning and got our hair and nails done. Maria took care of us for most of the day and she was great! All of our hair turned out great and stayed together the whole night! After the spa, we went and got dressed, Arnaud came, and it was time to go get married! We walked to the beach and got some stares but it was so exciting! I asked Eric's grandfather to walk me down the aisle and thats when it really started to hit me what was going on. Our bridal party made an arch for us to walk under with their arms and then I saw my hubby to be! He looked so handsome! We didn't have too many people in the way but we did have some onlookers which was fine by us. If people started to swim in front, the security shooed them away. After our I do's, we had cocktail hour and drinks and it was picture time. We took pictures for a while (again, they came out amazing) and then it was party time! Carlos introduced us and we danced our way in:) We had our first dance and then Mom and Son dance and then dinner. We had the speeches which were beautiful and then a Polish tradition of Vodka and water (whomever gets the vodka is the boss and guess who got it...lol). We ate dinner- which was delicious! Then more dancing and partying and the cake. We also did the bouquet and garter toss and then more dancing and partying...lol. Since everything was on the beach, they had the beach bar open to us- which is a short walk from the reception site. The ceremony is farther down the beach than the reception area. Both spots are perfect and plenty of room. We really lucked out with the weather. It apparently drizzled in the am- I had no clue- but cleared up and was gorgeous. I really believe someone was looking out for us that day...especially after everything we have been through just trying to get married. There are so many more details that I could write about but then this review would be 5 pages long! Overall, we truly believe we could not have picked a better resort. Just with the staff, the location, the Beach, the food, the drinks, the everything...it was just amazing. Everything just turned out so well. You girls have nothing to worry about...like I mentioned before, just trust the planner and breathe and enjoy this time! Believe me, I was in your shoes a short while ago! And it went by sooo fast. Please just enjoy yourselves. If something goes wrong, stay positive and try to laugh it off. It is your and your hubby's special day!!! Do not let anyone or anything get in the way of that!!!!



            We were so happy we stayed at the same resort for week number two. After everyone left, we missed them a little bit...but then got over it...lol. We really felt like it was a different resort because we didn't get to fully enjoy it as much the first week because we were following everyone around. It really is a gorgeous resort and has so much to offer. Please take advantage of the room service, the restaurants, and just the time alone. Whether its walking on the beach, going on an excursion together, or just simply sitting in your room watching TV in your bathrobes....enjoy it and each other.

            I hope this review was helpful to everyone! I might end up adding stuff along the way:) Congrads to all Dreams Brides....past and future! It really is great to be a wife!


                                                                           Mrs. Gaby Michalik


            #1356 katierenae

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              Posted 17 August 2010 - 05:51 PM

              Wow!!  What a great review :)  I have been racking my brain trying to decide if this was the right resort for us and after reading your review I just took a deep breath and decided that it is!!  What great advice about just letting the wedding planners do their job...I will do my best.  You're so right tho, it's that why we chose a DW, less stress??


              CONGRATS to you!!!  You seem just so happy to be married and that at the end of the day is what it's all about.


              Can't wait to see your pics!

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                Posted 18 August 2010 - 03:37 AM

                Thanks, Katierenae! Congrads on picking Dreams! You will love it! It definitely is a hard decision to make- but I really think you will be happy with it:) And ya know, I always thought it would be less stress to plan a destination wedding...but now definitely not! But it is well worth it:)


                Like I mentioned before girls, if you want to see all my professional pics please request me on fb and send me a little message so I know you're from this forum, please:) I did post some pics to an album here- just click on my name and go to my albums and you should be able to see them. Let me know if this works. Thanks!

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                  Posted 18 August 2010 - 05:37 AM

                  Originally Posted by GEM 

                  Thanks, Katierenae! Congrads on picking Dreams! You will love it! It definitely is a hard decision to make- but I really think you will be happy with it:) And ya know, I always thought it would be less stress to plan a destination wedding...but now definitely not! But it is well worth it:)


                  Like I mentioned before girls, if you want to see all my professional pics please request me on fb and send me a little message so I know you're from this forum, please:) I did post some pics to an album here- just click on my name and go to my albums and you should be able to see them. Let me know if this works. Thanks!

                  Hi Gaby,


                  I added you on my iphone, and was not able to send a message on facebook but i would love to see your picture. So if you see Dana Cairns, thats me!  Thank you for the review, my man of honour (who works with me) said I was practically salivating when I saw that you put it up!!! I'm so happy for you and glad that your experience was amazing. And it was a nice reminder that everything would turn out great..

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                    Posted 18 August 2010 - 06:05 AM

                    Congratulations Gaby! 


                    You and Eric sound like you had a wonderful time and made the best out of every moment, as it should be!  Last night, my fianc© and I looked at your photo album that you posted here and it was simply breathtaking..you were a radiant bride, your hair was stunning and your dress, beautiful.


                    I just looked at all your photos again and it makes me more & more excited to get there.  Quick question, if you don't mind:  did all of your flowers come from the resort florist?  They were very pretty, including the bright orange bouquets your girls had and the groomsmen boutonnieres.  Nice job...


                    Everything looked perfect and it was so sweet to see so many smiling faces, all having a ball!  Great job guys...thanks for coming back and telling all of us about it, and sharing your memories and pictures.




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                    Mrs. Williams
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                      Posted 18 August 2010 - 06:31 AM

                      Congrats Gaby!  Thank you for posting such a wonderful review.  It sounds like you guys had a great time.  I will be sending you a friend request on facebook on my iphone as well.

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