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The SSG also has a completely enclosed, indoor area that seats 80 people. Itâ€s a little small for my liking…and I kinda like being outdoors if possible. But I also like the indoor setup very much and think that it has much potential! It also has AC and overlooks the deck.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

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Amy you are the BEST!!


I don't have a Photobucket account and I was really getting frustrated last night when i couldn't load everything up. You did a lot of work to get everything hoisted up and onto the site for us and I really, REALLY appreciate that.


Don't worry, I won't send you another batch like I did yesterday! Instead I'll just put the narrative and the girl's can access the pictures by going to your link. After that If anyone has a specific question that I might be able to answer but didn't, just drop me a line and I'll try my best! If not, we will default to the expert, Tiara!


Oh, and as for where I would have my reception, without a doubt-- the SSG. But now, I'm really confused as to if I'll have the reception inside the enclosed area or still do it outside like I had initially planned. I know some people really like to have AC when they're eating their food and like I said, I really did like the setup in there. If you're going to have speeches or anything like that, you really wouldn't need a mic because it's so private. I dunno...got to give it some serious thought now!


Thanks again Amy!

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Thank you so much Nadia!!!! That is fantastic! The grounds look stunning and I am even more excited to go now.


Do you have any pictures or comments about having a beach ceremony? Is the beach ceremony location at one end of the beach (and somewhat secluded) or is it easily accessible by others guests?


Thanks again, it is greatly appreciated!

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Hi All:


Here are some running questions that I had for Tiara with her answers. My fiance was the scribe so I apologize for any spelling mistakes!



Questions for Tiara Re: Dreams La Romana


Where do you walk from for the entrance to the ceremony at the Gazebo?

If you are staying in preferred club, you will be situated close to the gazebo. Before your wedding I will escorte you down to the side closest to where the pathway leads to the gazebo. You will go over the bridge and up to the gazebo. Be prepared for a long walk so that everyone can take pictures!


Who will perform the symbolic ceremony if I don't use Pastor Rick?


You can choose to have someone special you know do it or we can provide someone who speaks english to do this for you. Pastor Rick has been here before and did not use a mic but one can be provided with a small setup fee (speaker)


Can I have my cocktail hour at the gazebo while I'm having my pictures done elsewhere?

Yes, your guests can stay there while you do your pictures or you can do your cocktail hour up at the SSG.


What costs are associated with the cocktail hour for my package (Wedding in Paradise)?

your package does not include cocktails so you must pay per person based on the menu that you choose.


Can I choose the start time for my reception dinner?

Yes, but you must still finish by the time required (11pm)


Does the rental of the entire SSG include formal table setting decorations?

Yes, you will have a formal table setting but if you want to add decorations like flowers, chargers then there is an extra cost. Ask, and the price will be provided for the specific item.


Can I extend the time that I have dancing in the SSG? What happens if I go over my time?

Unfortunately you cannot extend the time. If you want to dance longer, you will have to go to the disco afterwords for the evening. If you do go over the time allowed there is a charge for this.


Can you recommend to me any good excursions for my guests (must see's/dos)?

Unfortnately you must speak to the tour operators on site or your travel representative to recommend any excursions. There are specific groups that are associated with the resort that we endorse for their services.



What about wedding receptions on the beach? Is it blocked off? Will other people still see?

Wedding reception on the beach is held in a private area. We will post a sign saying that it is a private occasion. Yes, people will still be able to see what is happening but they are not permitted in the private area where you will be.


What is the cost associated with having the reception on the beach? Is it cheaper to do a restaurant?

It depends more on your preference and the number of guests you will have. Please provide some additional details for a more specific answer.



Is buffet style mandatory for a beach reception? Can we pay extra for sit-down service?Buffet style is mandatory for the beach, you cannot pay more to have the food served to you.

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