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Thanks Brendee and francy - I feel like it's taking forever to get here but I guess when I thnk about it it's only 6 and a half months and i'm hoping christmas will distract me a little! I visited DLR last march and we just loved it so much... although we werent even engaged at the time we both said it would be an amazing place to get married.. and now we are! it's so exciting. Oh if anyone is thinking of using studiosuits.com for the mens suits I couldnt recommend them enough - we ordered one suit as a sample and it arrived last week - it looks great! such good value and great quality :)

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Just a quick post-

Francys, it was my pleasure :) Not a problem at all.

Brenee- I don't know about there not being toilets in Oceana, we never made it there when we visited (I'm not a seafood lover) but here's a map showing where the Mexican restaurant (and alternative toilets) are in relation to it. 


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Morning Ladies, I was just looking through FI and I's scrapbook and stumbled across the welcome brochure from our stay at DLR. Don't know if it'll help but thought it might be some use for those people who are doing pre-travel brochures. Have taken pics of it, if anyone wants me to upload them/ email them out/ add them as attachments then just let me know :).

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It wasn't too far, the restroom wasn't a problem.  I did use the hotel for hair and make up, I printed various styles and had a trial session, regarding make-up I brought everything with me, she just applied.


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Here are the first few pages but I'm not sure you're gonna be able to read them this small... can email you them if you gimme your addy? Kim

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I could not agree with you more!! We were there July 10th-21 with our wedding on July 16th. It was absolutely perfect! I'm going to work on a full review, but just had to agree! We also worked with Apple, and those ladies are AMAZING! They will do anything for you! On the last night, Kenya even found out that I wasn't feeling too great, and I didn't eat my dinner. So she called me to see what she could get me and called room service to have tea and crackers sent up. And Walquiria sat with me for at least 30 minutes trying to get all my guests in rooms in buildings 4 and 5, so that we were all close. They are just great!


And I'll put it in my review...but ladies, I can't stress enough, if there is something you want, or something that isn't right, just ASK, and everyone will bend over backwards to fix it for immediately! Their cusomer service is beyond anything I could have dreamed of!


Originally Posted by Dreams723 View Post

Hello Ladies,


I just had the pleasure of getting married this past Saturday 7/23/11 at Dreams La Romana; I will post pictures as soon as I figure it out.  I do have to say to those planning, please donâ€t worry, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.


Iâ€m sure that sending an email and not getting a response till a few days later can be frustrating.  But, Yanna and Jenny are beyond busy; there wasnâ€t a moment where I walked into their office where they werenâ€t on the phone or with another bride.  However please trust that what ever you say you want you will get, Yanna is very detailed she amazed me at how well she followed through, she remembered things I had forgotten, her notes were on point and once I met with her, I knew I had selected the right location I knew that she would have everything under control and that nothing could go wrong, rain or shine.


I will give a few details as to what to expect:


Arrival    we were greeted with champagne taken straight to the Preferred section where we were staying they checked us in VIP style and I really mean that, when I walked into my suite, I do have to say, pictures do not serve this place justice, expect that it will be way more beautiful than what you see online.  The staff is beyond friendly, everyone was simply amazing. 


Arrival of my guests    I worked with Apple Travel and Walquiria their representative on premises is amazing, she greeted my guests in separate area (near the club) with snacks, drinks and champagne. From the very beginning they were all very impressed.


The Rooms     Not one of my guests complained, everyone was very happy.  We had 3 birthday girls while we were there and their rooms were beautifully decorated with balloons all over the place a banner saying “Happy Birthday†on the door and a bottle of champagne.



The Welcome Party   The DJ was great, my husband is West Indian he had a great selection of smooth reggae and soca, as well merengue and bachata.  The bartender was also great, honoring my many requests with special drinks for the “Bride†Belliniâ€s and the “Groom† Cocolososâ€.


Our Wedding Day  It rained, I was very upset but as I stated above, Yanna ensured me nothing would go wrong.  I had my hair and make up done at the spa by Maria and she was beyond patient, I had a trial the day before where I left feeling a little uneasy but the day off my hair looked great, the makeup looked exactly as I envisioned it. 


Cesar Bido was my photographer and he was simply amazing, I will post pictures soon however you can view his work at www.ceasarbido.com  now, Tropical pictures is also great, they did take pictures also since it was part of the “Ultimate Wedding†package and I do have to say, their pictures are also very pretty.  The Video brought tears to my eyes; it was very well put together from beginning to end as well as the music.  He captured the sweetest moments creating great memories for us.


The Ceremony  we were able to have our wedding at the beach gazebo as we hoped for, the sun came out for just enough time for us to get out there and have our dream come true, the gazebo was beautifully decorated, our guests are looked amazing with rose petals, rose balls and gold tiffany chairs which I rented from an outside vendor at under $5 each rose petals.


The Ceremony lasted about 30 minutes from which we quickly moved into the Cocktail Hour followed by the Reception the food, drinks, music was all on point.  I used an outside vendor, the centerpieces and décor at the reception…amazing, the cake…beautifully done, surprised and impressed everyone.


Overall  I have to say I would rate it an A+  our wedding was everything I dreamed off and more with the exception of the rain. 



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