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Originally Posted by nsimpson View Post
Dolfinluck - thanks for the quick response and for the heads up regarding credit card conversions!

I'm a little nervous about the rooms though...I'd really like for all my guests to be in the newer rooms but from what you ladies are saying, it seems like you have to book preferred club to get that 'luxury'!
We were in building 5 and were not in the preferred club and had a friend in building 7 and was not in it as well. I think they are slowing re-doing all the other rooms. The older rooms are not terrible they are more of a Caribbean decor with wicker.

Originally Posted by KPEG View Post
Hi girls! Missed you all! We're back from our week at DLR. Regarding the resort, there was some good and some bad things. The wedding itself was good but there were some last minute things that may make some brides uneasy.

We have only been back one day so I'm still doing laundry and getting things back in order but I will have a review and hopefully pics up soon! (pics for sure once I can get the 1000s of pics organized off our cameras!)

Dolfinluck, wish we could have met! I think my brothers-in-law may have walked up to see what was going on on the beach the night of your wedding! When they came back and told me it was a wedding, my brain finally clicked that it was yours! I had too much going on that Saturday night when we arrived. Hope your wedding was fab!
Congrats KPEG!! i hear you on getting everything back in order, i took off of work thur and friday last week to get everything good again. I wish we could of met up as well. cant wait to see some pics and a review!

I should have my review up later today!

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Great review Dolfinluck!! Thanks for sharing. Love, love, love your photos!!!!! Sounds like I had some similarities working with Yanna. I have not had time to write a review yet but hopefully can soon before I forget all the details that some brides will want a heads up on.


Right now we are working on getting our money back on an insurance claim for my husband's (weird!!) parent's vacation package. Literally at the last minute, my FIL was admitted to emerg and was not discharged until the morning we left to the DR. The doctor advised us that he would not be able to travel for 2-3 days which would have been the day of our wedding already anyway. It was very unfortunate and just wasn't meant to be for him. We had a heck of a time trying to get his paperwork in order to travel since he's not a citizen and didn't have any valid passport. Also the day before our legal ceremony he was also in emerg for a different reason. All very sad that they couldn't be there with us. But I'll write more in my review too.

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fyniac good luck with today, I hope you have a great day



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Thanks KPEG! really most of the headaches were from the in-law when i look back on the day. like a lot, wrote an email to my friend about it and there was 15 items! here's one: we ordered room service for myself, sister and mom since we did not have lunch and his family started eating our food when they already had lunch!!

I'm so sorry to heard about you FIL, i hope that he is feeling better!


Congrats fyniac! Wishing you the best on your wedding day!

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Hello, ladies! =) The past few days have been sweltering here in NY...getting us ready for the weather in DR=) lol

Welcome to the newbies!

Lj, you mentioned you changed your locations. Where are you doing everything?

Pink, everything looks great!

Yey for nsimpson! You got your dress=)

Thanks hjack for the review. My fiance and I are having our ceremony and reception on the beach, as well. Everything sounds great:)

Thanks dolfin for your review, too. Love the dinner table and the palm trees with the lightswink.gif Did you guys bring the sashes for the chairs? And how much extra was the bonfire? I love your smores idea! We might steal it=)

Sorry, guys. I had to catch up a bit.

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