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the most amazing wedding dress...

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I searched and searched for the perfect beach wedding dress and found only ONE decent dress under $1000. I thought that was ridiculous. Most of the "affordable" dresses that looked like they'd be light and flowy, perfect for the beach, only just looked that way. They were actually very heavy because they were made of cheaper fabrics. The best dresses were WAY out of my price range. I'm sorry, I just refuse to pay $2500 for a dress that I'm only going to wear once, even if it IS the most important day of my life. I'd rather spend that money on pictures or drinks!


And then I found Tamara Catz and ALL of her dresses were beautiful, light and airy, and comfortable! AND most all of them were under $1000! Sweet deal.


Here are some pictures from the website....

the one I chose is not pictured.



I ended up simply choosing the one that fit me the best, but I loved all of them equally and I seriously would have been happy with any one of them.



Tamara was recently interviewed about her new line [of wedding dresses] and this is what she had to say. "I wanted to create a beautiful dress that's suitable for an Island bride — not a Cinderella dress that you put on and suddenly you're someone else, and never wear it again" Tamara designed always having the environment in mind, selected natural fibers in creams and beiges, with subtle touches such as shells, beads and embroidery that have the look of soft, sandy beaches. "When you wear it, you are part of the environment and you look like an Island girl, but in a wedding way,"


Click the image to open in full size.

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Congrats on finding your dress!! I completely agree with you about not spending a fortune. I mean, if people choose to that's great, for me personally I just couldn't. I can't see the pics thoughhuh.gif I'll have to look for the website....you've peaked my interest, even though I already have my dream dress, lol.

You'll have to post some pics of you wearing it!!

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