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BDW Biggest Loser: Season 6 ~ Official Thread ~ FINAL RESULTS POSTED!! (#869)

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Ugh. Ok so I did today's challenge at the gym...by the time I got done then added rest of my leg workout and ended with cardio on the stair machine I was inventing new ways to swear. I hope somebody else is as sore as I'm going to be tomorrow lol.


Got the FI to agree to go with me tomorrow morning so who wants to post a daily challenge....I'll make him suffer through it muscle.gif

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I didn't get in on todays challenge. Mondays and Wednesdays are hard for me. I have classes from 8 am to 10 pm. I need to find some time to get a workout in there somewhere! The worst thing is that I eat like crap all day since all I seem to find near school is fast food. I will double up tomorrow though! I'm gonna do todays challenge, plus whatever tomorrows is.

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No loss for me this week. I just started my invisilign yesterday and it fricken hurts to eat, so I'm hoping for a huge loss next week. I don't see a challenge for tomorrow yet and I don't want to be a challenge hog. Any suggestions?

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Ok-I'm going to jump in here again with a challenge since I don't see one and I'm getting ready to walk out the door to the gym.


How about.....


15 tricep pushups (so instead of elbows out tuck them under toward you knees-you'll feel the difference!) Can be one set or split into 5 sets of 3 if you have to. DO THEM ALL ON YOUR TOES. Even if you have to do one and stop for a while. Come on-it's only 15-we can do it!


30 minutes of Cardio


the fruit or veggie challenge again (I like that one :-)


I'm trying to think of things we can all do regardless of equipment so I hope that works :-)


Happy workout all.


Oh-and my inner thighs are freaking sore today. Yay for squats and lunges!

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Originally Posted by Jacilynda View Post
Did any of you see Oprah today? VERY GOOD!!! She had Dr. Oz and Bob Greene. the show was on healthy eating and losing weight. Its not up on youtube yet so I'll keep an eye out for it

there were 2 researches they did and the results SHOCKED me!

the first was do we really need to push ourselves to drink 8 or more glasses of water a day? Now this was done on people who are considered healthy. they weren't incredibly healthy, they drank, ate chips, choc, etc but in moderation and are consedered healthy. the part of it they showed was these twin sisters who drank 1.5 liters to 2 liters of water a day. they thought they needed this to stay healthey and to have beautiful skin. so they took tests on them especially on their skin as far as moisture, elasticity, etc. then I can't remember how long I think it was 4 weeks they kept their same diet, but one girl consumed the same amount of water, and the other wasn't allowed to have any. their was NO change in their stats. Dr. Oz said as long as you keep a fairly decent diet we don't need to force ourselves to drink so much water. Our food has ALOt of water. a potatoes is 75% water, a lean steak is 60% water, etc.

the second thing they did is they took a ton of girls who were generally healthy and just liked to treat themselves alot. they took half the girls and did a week of detox diet with them, almost all different shakes. and the others enjoyed a normal healthy diet and in the end there was no difference either!

We just have to eat healthy! Period. For long term weight loss we need to exercise. Here is a good video and some stuff from Dr. Oz and Bob greene:

Dr. Oz Video - How to Find and Maintain Your Ideal Waist Size - Oprah.com
YOU: On a Diet Basics - Oprah.com
Bob Greene's Diet and Fitness Back to Business Plan - Oprah.com
Bob Greene's Best Life Diet Recipes - Oprah.com

Wow! That's really interesting...thanks for the info.

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Congratulations to ...

OROBride1008 (Maria) -2.673% !!!

tdmitchell (Tiffany) -1.130%
Jacilynda (Jacilyn) -1.128%
budgetjamaicabride (Beverly) -1.089%
flygirl (Trish) -0.792%
starchild (Jamy) -0.446%
starchild (Will, Jamy's DH) -0.442%
Sarah -0.394%
lauren -0.310%
Sarah (Jeff, Sarah's DH) -0.272%
pvbeachbride10 (Meghan) -0.199%
AnnR 0.000%
estella1007 (Christina) 0.000%
jamaicabride09 (Alicia) 0.000%
jpitts78 (Joanne) 0.000%
jrprice24 (Jessica) 0.000%
KLC77 (Kelly) 0.000%
lgarner83 (Lisa) 0.000%
Sapphire723 (LeAnne) 0.000%
Sarah (Lisa, Sarah's friend) 0.000%
Vikki 0.000%
MarieSam 0.125%
Adlergray (Tim, Jill's FI) 0.169%
BeachBride10 (Ruthie) 0.278%
Scubadiva (Holly) 0.278%
Hunnyhun921 (Khajeesah) 0.290%
Adlergray (Jill) 0.402%
deefalvey (Deanna) 0.470%
Erika J 0.485%
DanielleNDerek 0.637%
Prettyhazardous (Ashley) 0.822%
LIW (Emily) 0.958%
Raeka (Mel) 1.243%

SgtPepperette (Melissa) <didn't receive anything>
STACEY <didn't receive anything>
TA Jill <didn't receive anything>

ErinB <didn't receive anything - 2nd Week, DQ>

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Woohoo Maria!!!!!


Girls I think we're at our halfway mark!!!!! time to step it up and go strong to the end!!


I'm in on the challenge! Although if I might mention, w/ the fruits and veggies try and have all fresh fruits and veggies if you can! Its much much better for you than anything processed!

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Thanks ladies. I am down 10 pounds since the start of season 5. You ladies truly help motivate me. I don't know what I would've done if I didn't join this.


We are all doing good. Let's keep up the good work!!!

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