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Quick candles

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Just a quick word on quick candles !


Votive Candles | Floating Candles | Tealight Candles | Pillar Candles | Candle Holders


Because I was super impressed. I was looking for floating candles to put in the ponds of the hotel. Well, not only do they have the best prices I found on the internet (I did not look long so there might be better... still for floating candles they were GREAT), but I ordered yesterday night at 11pm, and this morning at 7:30am I received a notice that my order had shipped... for the regular ground shipping of 12.98$ !!


They have all kind of candles - for instance : 72 votive candle holders and 72 votive candles - 40$ !! Or just the votive candles : 144 for 35$ ! Even Ikea cannot do better... so for your home not only for your wedding ladies wink.gif

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