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Upset and Confused...

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I think that a lot of FI's are like that... Be honest with him and tell him how important it is to you that you have some of the traditional 'trimmings' of a wedding included in your DW.


In my situation, I didn't want anything overly formal but did want some of the traditional stuff and FI didn't want any of it. So we compromised ... I get the photographer I wanted; STD's; invitations; and a one hour cocktail hour on the beach. Then we do an informal dinner (included in our AI) with tables reserved at the restaurant; go to the resort disco to party; have no flowers; formal reception; programs or favors.

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Originally Posted by BillysBride View Post
Believe me, I understand.

Billy started out the EXACT same way. Everything I would mention, he would say "That defeats the purpose of doing it in Mexico." See, it was HIS idea, HIS dream to do it on the beach in Mexico to begin with. I'd never even thought about such a thing. But here's the thing that helped me with him.

I told him that as much as it was HIS desire and his dream to have a beach wedding..it was also MY wedding too. And I asked him if he didn't think I should be able to have my wishes and dreams about it too. That shut him up and down and he hasn't said a word more about it since.

My situation was the same as BillysBride. It was my FI idea to have a DW. I wanted a traditional wedding here at home. But after much persuasion we agreed on a DW, but I told him from the beginning that as long as I was able to have our first dance, father/daughter dance, cake cutting...well I guess all the traditional wedding stuff that I would be fine with having a DW. I expressed to him from the beginning that even though we are having a DW that I still wanted my dream wedding and he promised me that I would have everything that I wanted. We are a little over our budget but we are both getting what we want. Be upfront and don't settle, make this the day that you have always dreamed of. NO REGRETS!

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