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Excellence Punta Cana Brides Thread

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#271 TRose

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    Posted 17 February 2010 - 02:18 PM

    This might be a strange question, but what do the chairs look like (both at the ceremony and the reception). I'm not a huge fan of chair covers.

    #272 Dolcenotte12

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      Posted 17 February 2010 - 02:24 PM

      Unfortunately, the chairs are just plastic lawn chairs. I'm sure some of them are not in the best shape appearance-wise either. I would definitely request chair covers to be put on them. Some people don't prefer to use chair bows, but I think a cover is a must. What did you have in mind?

      #273 nbulldog19

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        Posted 18 February 2010 - 10:20 AM

        You girls have been so helpful, I am getting sooo excited...Only 2 months til we leave for the wedding :) I think I am the next bride to get hitched at excellence YIPPPEEE!

        #274 staceysbride

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          Posted 19 February 2010 - 07:31 PM


          THANK YOU for that detailed time line. I have been super worried if I will have time for pics with a 4pm ceremony. I love pictures, and they're probably one of the most important aspects of the wedding to me besides the cake and dress. I know the day goes by in a blur and I would want lots of pics to remember the day by.

          It's getting closer and closer and closer- I'm getting soooo excited. June will be here before I know it.
          Here's my two cents

          Hair-Seriously have Amarylis do you hair. She is freakn great. They can do anything you want and will tell you if it will work with the climate. They have a book of photos (of celebs) you can pick from or bring your own. Mercy helped translate for me but Amarylis (didn't do my hair) speaks english ok.

          Make-up-I did heavier eye make up because for me it photographs better. I did use eyeliner but it was sweatproof/waterproof from MAC and that was very necessary with my sweat and tears.

          BM flowers- you can see in my photos. There were 6 roses and it was nice but not big...I would have preferred a little more.

          Carriage-We fit 5 of us and it was a hot mess. We were very scrunched in. Our photog took photos of us getting in and then pulling up. LIke Michelle said it is tight and you wouldn't get the full effect if they were in the carriage.

          Nails-loved mine and my mom had a frech mani/pedi that was very nice. If you want a specific color though bring it with you. They have about 20 colors...again I'm particular so I brought my own.

          Photo areas-We went to quite a few places. You can see the different places in our slideshow. We did some in the lobby, the park, the shops, the beach, there is this business center that was very pretty and we went up there (it's the yellow wall in the photos). There is a lot to work with our photog was going crazy there were so many options.

          Getting ready-I did not want to get ready in the spa because I wanted to relax and hang out. We go ready in my brothers room with was the presidential suite. It was great to get ready there and great for pictures.

          Our timeline is probably different than most because of our photographer but here it is

          8:30 bfast with BM's and my mom
          9-11:00 floated around the cascade pool in rafts with my girls
          11:00-12:00 my hair
          12:30-Mom and BM hair
          1-2 My make-up and girls getting ready and lunch
          3 my dress on
          3-4 ish photos with mom, bm's and me
          4ish in the lobby ready to get on carriage
          4-4:20ish was a delay because of flowers
          4:30-5:00 ceremony
          5-5:30 group photos
          5:30-6:30 ish cocktail hour
          5:30-6:00ish photos with just us
          6:30ish we changed our outfits and freshened up
          7ish maybe a little earlier-10:00 (on the dot) reception

          Cacade pool-can easily seat 50+ people. We had 30 and there was plenty more room.

          When you have your meeting with Ana she will walk you around the resort to show you all of the different options and locations if you have not been there before. Michelle the veranda was great idea. I didn't even think of that might have been better because of the bugs.

          I found looking through all of the previous brides pictures super helpful. You can really get a sense of what it will be like and the different options.

          #275 FutureMrsBeatty

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            Posted 24 February 2010 - 11:49 PM

            Hi Ladies - I've been out of the loop for the last couple weeks. There have been some great updates from you all, I will have to go over everything again. Boston - Awesome timeline. That will help! And I know me and my girls will need some raft time that day :)

            So we are definitely having our reception by the pool and ceremony on the beach woohoo!!

            I am working on locking down DJ Mannia company- does anyone have a suggestion for the actual DJ? Boston I know you loved your person - do you have a name?

            I think we are going to go with Photo Souvenir. Does anyone have a suggestion on the actual photographer.

            Finally has anyone started picking their bridesmaid bouquets - just curious to hear what people are choosing.

            Bulldog - less than 2 months!! I am excited for you!

            Stacey - I forget - who are you using for a photographer?

            Thanks!! Lisa

            #276 nbulldog19

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              Posted 25 February 2010 - 02:50 AM


              You are too funny, all my girls back home call me Bulldog lol. Now they are trying to get used to nikki storms. I am also having my reception by the pool, wedding on the beach, using photosouvenirs for our pictures, Dj mannia for the music, and Pastor york to do the ceremony. Things are getting sooo close, We cant wait! Ana has been great and I am not really nervous at all, I think bc of all the past brides experiences. I am just sooo excited :)

              #277 Boston Bride 2009

              Boston Bride 2009
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                Posted 25 February 2010 - 11:53 AM

                Carlos was our DJ. There were two other guys with him but I don't know their names. If you have any questions for them they are acutually on this forum now. He PM'd me the other day.


                #278 FutureMrsBeatty

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                  Posted 25 February 2010 - 04:29 PM

                  Ok Boston - Good to know. Carlos is the one that emailed so that is perfect! Thanks!

                  #279 nbulldog19

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                    Posted 02 March 2010 - 03:54 PM

                    a couple questions for past brides...does anyone have the spa prices and services? I am def getting my hair done there, and still questioning getting my make-up done there. Also was gonna treat the moms to mani/pedis but wanted to see the costs. Also did anyone have music as they walked down the aisle/beach? I want specific music playing before the ceremony, my song to walk down the aisle, and a song for the sand ceremony but wasnt sure how they do this. Music is sooo important to me, and I really wanted the songs I picked out. Anyone else have music played other than live music like a saxophone or guitarist? Or did anyone see a different wedding while they were there that did this? I am emailing Ana also.

                    Thanks girls-Nicole

                    only 53 days left :)

                    #280 Hitched

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                      Posted 02 March 2010 - 04:42 PM

                      Hi Ladies,

                      I am starting to plan our wedding and it seems most likely that it will be held at the Excellence Punta Cana. I am interested in any materials that you have. I saw a few of you have posted documents but I can't download them because I do not have "forum status". If you are able please share through email -- rosaura.vega@gmail.com. Also, I am trying to set up a wedding website for our guests. I would love to see some of yours for ideas on places to go, directions, etc.

                      Thanks for all the good info you have posted!

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