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Hi ladies,

I found an old thread about this but I was curious to see if there are any recent MN girls that have had a BD shoot done or are looking to do one in the near future. The other thread listed Christa Butler and Heather, Can anyone reccomend any other local photogs that do BD photos? What have you MN girls done?





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I live in Minne and have my BD photo shoot Saturday. So excited and nervous. I went with Laura Ivanova. Her prices are great and she gives you the photos on a cd within 2 weeks with 10 touchups. I plan on making my book on blurb.com. I made my guestbook on there and loved it.


Check out her blog with the category of Boudoir. Those photos are in her house. I booked a room at the W Hotel. I plan on surprising my fiance with the room later that night. Why let the room go to waste, right.



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