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Help me decide on a style of dress!! (w/pictures!)

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I love wedding dresses!!!

Alright, here is how I feel about the dresses

#40 is SO flattering on you. It makes you look super skinny and i think it's the most flattering and pretty.

#46, pretty dress, but I just don't think it's quite right for you (based on how great you looked in other dresses)

#50... very beautiful dress

#51... not a fan

#52, see #46

#23, I love this dress. I think it's very beachy and flowy. It has a unique neckline and although not TOO much detail, I think it's very beautiful.

#36, gorgeous. Not the typical beach wedding dress, but who cares. Very pretty.

#14, not a fan.


So, My order of favorites would be #23, #40, #36. Those are my top three.

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I really loved 40 on you - I agree with Trisha - it gives you the most beautiful hourglass shape. I also liked 23 - the back was so pretty and the front had a really interesting top.


But...you should go with the one YOU like!! LOL! When I asked all my friends about which dress I should get after taking lots of pictures like you did, they all chose a dress I ended up not getting - I just loved the other one better!!!


Good luck!! Let us know what you decide!

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50, 23, and 36 are the ones I like!


I think they fit you the best through the waist, and are more slimming. I think that since you are fairly large chested you should be careful with the ones that go straight across because you can get the uniboob effect!


You don't seem sure of what you're looking for, so I would definitely keep trying dresses on! It may take a while, but eventually you'll figure out what details you do and don't like.

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