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Getting married at the catlonia riviera maya but now i'm worried!

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hey everyone i'm getting a bit worried. i've been reading a few posts on here about the catalonia riviera maya. my problem is my wedding is in about 9 weeks and i haven't read any nice comments about the hotel photographer! are they really that bad? is there even time to book someone else??

has anyone used the hotel photographer?

a worried bride to be! x

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it's not that their hotel photographers take bad pics, they are just uninspired. they use a lot of flash on the beach that makes the image very flat. also the prices are not great for what you are getting. it's more like a person with a camera than a photographer.


I don't think it's too late to find someone better with better prices.


just start contacting everyone & see who is available.

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Originally Posted by ktyum View Post
wow thank you morgan thats a great help. you don't think its too late then? i'm emailing away now! x
no i don't think it's too late at all. a photog will book last minute if they are available. someone is bound to be open that weekend. this isn't peak wedding season either.

you can definitly find someone better than what the hotel offers & at a better price even. I almost stuck with the hotel people until I finally located their website.

I've heard of plenty of people booking within a month of their wedding. People have put together entire destination weddings in 9 weeks. You can definitly do it.

BTW, the catalonia is great. you will love it!

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