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Originally Posted by MexicoBeachBride2010 View Post
My fiance and I have heard May is the rainest month for Punta Cana....what can previous May brides recommend? Or what's the weather actually like in May for those of you who have been there during this time?
The climate in Punta Cana is alot drier than most of the other provinces. Sometimes you can get a day where it rains or pours, and the sun is out an hour or two later. Or you may get days where it rains all day...hard to pin down to one specific month. I've been to Punta Cana about twice in the month of May and out of 7 days, I would say it rained once for a total of 3 hours and the sun was out like if nothing ever happened. With the heat over there, sometimes a nice shower is welcome. :)

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Thanks dolfinluck for the website you posted, very helpful! I hope history will repeat itself in the DR and not have too much rain in May.... I'm getting married at the Ocean Sand H10 on May 12 :)

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