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Father/Daughter dance songs

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Hey girls,


I was surfing around today, and came across a free song download. After listening to the song, it sounds like my perfect father/daughter dance song... and since it's new... not completely over used like many other songs that I liked.


In case anyone wants it as well: Edwin McCain download - Get Married - Wedding Local Professionals - Weddings - Wedding Planner - Wedding Planning - Wedding Cakes - Brides


I'm not sure of what spam emails they'll be sending me, since I just signed up this morning, but I figure if it becomes a problem I can just unsubscribe from everything.

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I love the "I could not ask for more" song. Might actually use it for our first dance. We are mixing it up a little - starting with a typical first dance song and then halfway through it will sound like the record gets messed up and we will go into a tango dance. It will be soooo fun. We have the tango song that we have been practicing to but we don't have the "classic" wedding dance. So thanks!!!! I'll see if my FI will go for this.

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