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Thank you for sharing! Definatley going to give that a try!


Originally Posted by lexibride View Post

OK - so I HAVE to share how I kind of "beat the system" with VistaPrint. I know it seems bad, but I got mostly everything for free. All of my OOT totes, shirts, hats, keychains and pens were FREE!

So here's how it goes. I get an email with a list of things that are free. So I make one tote for free and put it in my shopping cart. I then open my email again, click on free shirt and make that shirt and add it to my shopping cart. Now that cart has two things and you can close the original one that only has 1 item in it. Next I go to the email again and click on free keychain - customize it, add to the shopping cart, close the previous screen. Then with a pen, hat - so on and so forth.....All of those things will end up being in your shopping cart for free. When you check out, the shipping will be anywhere from $4-$5 for ALL of that stuff. Pay for it and then close it all up and go to your email again and do it all over again. I got 25 totes, 40 hats, 40 t-shirts, 40 pens, 40 keychains and some other little things in between like post cards, etc....all for less than $200. You just can't beat that. Here's a pic of what I'm putting for my OOT Bags. I'm also adding bath salts for the rooms, welcome brochures, lanyards and some first aid things.

Click the image to open in full size.


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Originally Posted by Marlena View Post

If one more box shows up from vistaprint on my doorstep....I might get the laptop taken away! haha......


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