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This is a very helpful post! Thanks everyone!


I'm curious about people ordering things one at a time for OOT bags - It just let you keep ordering free stuff?


So far, I've been using different offers to get stuff. I usually get an email around once a week with different freebies. The UK site will only allow you to get 4 free items per order, so, as my wedding is still almost two years away, I just get 4 items each time and then wait for the next email to come. I think I've seen people on here use the same email a couple of times though (i.e. if you're only allowed 4 things, but you need 8, just do 2 separate orders), so that might work, although there'd obviously be 2 lots of shipping to pay.


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Wow! You ladies are giving me some great ideas!


So far I have made: STD post cards & matching magnets, tote bags for bridal party and mother of the bride, hat for father or the groom, hats for wedding party, personalized pens for gift book table, Soon to be Mrs tote bag for myself, hat with our logo on it for myself, Bride tee shirt. And a couple NWR items for myself (like the adorable mousepad of my cats, heh)



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