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Story about my fiance and I

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I was married prior to meeting Adam and I have no regrets. I learned a lot about myself and have a great daughter out of it. After separating from Kenny I moved back home to get myself back on my feet. As much as I love my parents I just was not myself living at home with a daughter going to turn one soon. I turned to the internet for finding a friend and hopefully finding that someone. I went on a few dates through out the months some lasted longer than others. I was giving up even the people I met just out and about never really worked for me. Not only did I want to find someone for myself but also for my daughter Annabelle. Someone who she can look up to and go to if she ever needs anything. Some may have felt I was dating a little too soon but that was debatable. I did however meet a great friend named Chad who to this day he and I remain in contact and go back a forth with our love lives. Finally January 2008 I found myself on Craigslist looking at personal adds. I felt silly but I figured to give it a shot. I found a listing I was interested in. I ended up emailing this gentleman telling him a bit about me but did not mention in the first email I had a daughter for security reasons. That night I ended up getting an email back from a guy named Adam. Adam explained his interests and also that he was a paramedic/fire fighter. Hmmmm what could be better a guy who can save my life and likes to play with fire, hehehehe. The second email I sent to him explained I have a daughter and she is the world to me and if he is not ok with that we can end our contact. Adam never batted an eye and said that does not matter I know a few single mothers. After a few emails we exchanged phone numbers. I remember one day Adam and I talked on and off ALL DAY. There was never a dull moment between us it was none stop. Later that week we decided to meet up to see if we had any chemistry. I went over to his house in Lakeville which is not to far from my parents house. I found myself soooo nervous walking to the door I was pretending to play with my phone when he answered. Not only was I greeted by Adam but CJ a pure yellow lab who is also known as Adamâ€s "status symbol" :). We watched a movie and chatted up a bit. Adam seemed so nervous and not to talkative. He sat on one couch and I sat on the other which made me feel more awkward. That night he walked me out to my car and gave me a small goodnight kiss. I remember I fired a comment at him saying "you can do better than that". I did not want just a friendly peck but little more passion. Our official fist date outing was at Spill the Wine in Minneapolis. It was a dinner for the company I was working for. I picked him up that Saturday night and headed up to the cities. This time he seemed a bit more relaxed and talkative. He was a hit at the party. They had a ballroom dance instructor there and I got daring to try swing dancing and Adam followed me to the floor. We totally stunk at it but we had a great time trying. After that night we hung out a few more times. We started to fizzle out. He didnâ€t seem to interested and I was getting upset with him not being as talkative as he was in the beginning as in phone calls or text messages. I finally called him up and said you know what I feel like we are a couple at times and others you are distance either we make this official or we should head out separate ways. I told Adam I was not interested in a fling and if that is what he wanted I was not the person. That comment gave him enough thought to say you know what lets try this and see where it goes. Finally we were official February 16th 2008:). We had a rocky start but seemed to work through it. April came around and Adam knew living at my parents house put me in the slumps. He understood I was very close to my family but needed to be on my own. He made an offer that totally blind sided me. He said "I could always use extra money and you could be sane why donâ€t you move in as my roommate". I was shocked I was excited yet nervous. We both made it clear it was strictly roommates but we were going to continue to date. Annabelle got her own room and I was also going to stay in that room time to time. We had a signal if we wanted to space we would make the signal and go into our own rooms or do our own thing. Adam made it clear I was not going to sleeping in the same bed every night because we donâ€t want to cross to much between roommate status and bf/gf. Um yeah to this day I still have not slept in the other room actually I take that back I have because of his snoring, hahaha. I was so nervous this move was going to make us grow apart but what it did was made us stronger. After moving in with Adam it felt like we have known each other for years. Our first official fight was about potatoes. Yes you read it right potatoes. It was so heated he ended up hanging up on me and I cried. I mean I bawled. How stupid was thathuh.gif?? I was talking to my mom about the fight and she just laughed and I finally realized how stupid we were. I will never forget that. Ok lets fast forward to the night her proposed. Adam will tell you I ruined the romantic part about it but others that have known me for years say "oh thatâ€s just Holly being difficult". It was our third day on the ship it was a sea day. We just finished dinner and we went to walk on the promenade which goes all around the ship. You can watch the ocean fly by and see all the stars in the sky. Adam wanted to go to the back of the boat to see what wake the ship makes. I was sooooo not having it my feet hurt way too much from walking in my high heels I told him I wanted to go back to the room and change first. He was persistent on going to the back of the boat. I finally said "you know what my feet hurt and you promised I could call Annabelle can we please just go back to the room" in my snotty tone of voice. Adam seemed a bit upset but finally caved in. On the way to the room I said I was sorry but my feet just hurt and I really missed Annabelle and wanted to hear her voice. We got back to the room and I just fell right onto the bed. I asked Adam if he would get my flip flops for me to wear. He did :) Then I asked him to please take off my shoes that were killing me which he did :). I then asked him to put my flip flops on cause I was just so tired and did not want to move. I noticed when he was putting on my flip flops he was on one knee. I said "well since you are down there you can practice asking me something" with my biggest grin. So he started by saying Holly Marie Pribyl and he went on for a minute or so and then said you are my girlfriend and I want you to be my wife will you marry me. I sat and thought about it and said "hmmmmmmm no". HEHEHE. I thought I was funny but to my surprise Adam had one up on me. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a box and said "well I guess I cant give this to you then". HE HAD A RING. OMG. I screamed YES YES YES. I kept grabbing his face and kept kissing and kissing him peck after peck. I just got engaged. I have to say at this time I feel bad I donâ€t remember what he all said in his proposal because I thought it was a joke sad.gif. However, I am very happy and lucky to have Adam in my life. Not only did it not go the way Adam planned it, it was better. Adam and I are a very interesting couple and this proposal for sure made it the icing on the cake.

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