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Invites (non-passport or boarding pass) are finally done and out!! Lots of Pics

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Originally Posted by britsytoll View Post
WOW!!! I love them. Did you just use an 81/2x11 piece of card stock and fold it in half? Or what are the dimensions for eveything?
Thank you. We actually found completely blank cards and envelope sets at Michael's (they can be found at Hobby Lobby as well). They come in packs of 50, with the cards laying flat. They were about $10 each. The dimensions of these are 6 1/2 x 5 inches.
For the front, the yellow back piece is 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 inch square. We glued this piece down to the card.
For the front ribbon, we cut about 8 inch strips; for the fold of the card, we cut a 1 inch section (which is just slightly longer than the width of the ribbon) to thread the ribbon through. We used a little bit of double-sided tape or ribbon glue (found at Michael's) at about the center of the ribbon to glue it to the front and then glued the ends down in the inside of the card.
The white front piece, is 2x2 inches. For the palm tree, we actually used a QuicKutz die cutter to cut it out of the white piece as well as cut out blue ones to lay inside. If you were to do these, if you find a graphic or clip-art you like, I recommend that instead. Since we had already purchased the QuicKutz though, we stuck with it (found one for $30 rather than the nearly $100 they normally run for).
The inside yellow and blue backgrounds are both 6x5 1/2 inches.
The white invitation section over the yellow on the inside is 4 1/4 x 5 3/4 inches. The insert cards are the same size.
The ribbon edges on the blue were about 3 inches and were glued down on the back of the blue using double-sided permanent tape.
The AHR insert was 6 1/2 x 5 inches.
Fonts used were Brock Script and Monotype Corsiva. I don't remember if Brock is a common font in Microsoft or if I downloaded this off the internet. If it comes from the internet, I did find it for free.

I will add the templates if anyone is interested.

Originally Posted by merocket59 View Post
They look beautiful!! Are your colors navy and yellow too??
Thank you! They are navy and yellow!!

Originally Posted by destinationbridegina View Post
i absolutely loveeee your invitations!!!! sooo creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how long did it take you to do them
I wish we had kept a sheet of times because I don't remember exactly how long it took. However, a lot of our time was spent in trial and error. Once we figured out the most effective way to assemble, it went much quicker. I would say after that point we could do about 10 in an hour or two. We did about 100 of them total!
We tried a few different glues...and discovered that gel styled glue is not the way to go, even if it's the craft type. We ended using mostly double-sided permanent scotch tape as well as some glue stick. If some edges were missed, we also found some glue pens that worked great (again, at Hobby Lobby). And, as mentioned above, for the front ribbon, ribbon glue (also Hobby Lobby) was used, but the double-sided tape worked well, too.

Attachment 3399

Attachment 3400

Attachment 3401

Attachment 3402

Hope this helps some out! Again, thank you so much for all the compliments!!!









wedding invitations template for BDW.pub

Invitation front template.pub

RSVP card template.pub

AHR Invitation template.pub

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April - you did such an amazing job! Was this your first DIY project? You are so talented girl! And awesome that you put your templates on here for everyone!! Good Job! They look so fantastic, your guests are going to love them! And you know I am close enough to help with things like that LOL!!!! Just PM me :)

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Thank you, Betsy! If I need any assistance I'll let you know! I also designed our STD's, my siggy pic is the one side of it. I'm also figuring on doing our programs, however I'm borrowing a template for that as of now! So glad so many of you love them! I was really worried, probably from all the trial and error that went into them lol!

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