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Cruise Wedding OOT Bags

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So I talked to my PVP yesterday and since we're not actually getting married on the cruise ship Carnival won't put my OOT Bags in the guests rooms. So my PVP suggested that I sit in the lobby during embarkation and hand them out... What do you guys thinkhuh.gif

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Boarding the ship is a little hectic- waiting for luggage, trying to find your way around, etc. I would suggest bringing them to dinner on the first night.

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I have decided to handout my OOT bags during embarkation. Since we are doing a group check-in, I have my sisters and maid of honor handing out the OOT bags. I was able to get a great deal on the bags at Bijoux Terner, they were 50 percent off! I am giving on OOT bag per cabin. Since we are only gong on a weekend cruise, we have decided to place the following items in the OOT bags:


•Disposable Cameras (beach wedding theme)

•Beach Towel

•Wedding T-Shirt


•Gift from Bride and Groom: picture frame

•Beach ball


•Lip balm



Also at the ceremony we are placing parasols on the chairs so guest can cover themselves from the sun.


I might add on some additional items to the bag…however I have to stay within budget! LOL

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Originally Posted by Prettyhazardous View Post
I am so mad that OTC doesn't have those palm tree pens anymore. I'm also not doing the first aid kits anymore either. My bags are just ab done now, and I'll be like $200 under budget...
Me too! I am doing a Palm Tree theme and these pens would have been perfect. I am going to keep looking and see if I can find anything comparable. However, I did find really nice (and cheap!) palm tree bottle opener key chains on ebay which I bought for the bags. Here is the link:

Pack of 6 Aluminiu Palm Tree Bottle Opener Key Rings - eBay (item 250443605430 end time Jun-19-09 20:26:08 PDT)

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45 of our 50 guests will be meeting us for a Welcome/Rehearsal dinner the night before the cruise so we are handing out our bags then. We just got the plain canvas bags from cheaptotes.com and sewed pockets onto the front with our logo.


In the front pocket

- Welcome Brochure (Vista)

- Photoshare card (Vista)

- Addressed and stamped Postcard (Vista)


Our OOT bags have:

- First-aid kit

- Duct tape (with story for it)

- Gum

- Mints

- Lifesavers

- sticky pads

- highlighter and pens

- fun, goofy sunglasses

- deck of cards (pirates)

- Anti-bac gel (coconut lime scent)

- Beach theme soap

- Aloe Vera

- Personalized Hot Sauce

- Disposable camera (wedding party bags only)

- Personalized T-shirt (wedding party bags only)

- I think thats all??


We are also sliding Thank you notes under their doors the last night of the cruise (again Vista). We will be sending formal thank yous later, as well.

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Here is the list of things going in my bag...

room scent

first aid kits

OTC meds


jelly beans/treats

bug spray

puzzle book/soduko/etc

power strip


zip lock bags

nightlight/travel clock


clips to keep curtains closed

plastic card holder / lanyard

walkie talkies

door hanger (white board?)

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