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What a Fabulous Review and you were a beautiful bride!! :-) It sounds like everything went really good for you :-) Congratulations! I am even more excited now!!

I have a couple of Questions if you don't mind :)

Can I ask you if you had the Option to get One long table for the reception, or did she just do it that way?

I kind of like that idea, but I only have 4 Centerpieces. I have about 29 people so my table will be about as long as yours...How many Center pieces did you have?

Also..With the Ultimate Wedding package,do we all get upgraded after the Wedding day? You have to be staying 7 nights correct? I am just wondering if this is something that they have to be "reminded" of, or if they just did it for you :-)

And last, but not least...Did you guys do the Private dinner that was included in the package? and if so, how was that?

Thank you so much for your review!! And again, you looked really beautiful :-)

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