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June 2010 wedding at the Riu Palace

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#41 Peaches2010

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    Posted 13 April 2009 - 03:08 PM

    We're getting married in March 2010 - I received some info from Daniella that you can't have a DJ at a semi-private event!! AND in order to close down the restaurant, you need at least 60 guests and you pay a fee of $1800...does anyone know why they stipulate 60 guests if you're paying an additional $1800?

    Thanks! :)

    #42 sjfreimark

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      Posted 13 April 2009 - 10:39 PM

      Hi Peaches- I have no idea why they stipulate 60 guests to close down a restaurant. What we are doing is renting out the Mexican Restaurant terrace. It will be $500 from 8-11 pm and people have said they fit around 40 people comfortably. It's a beautiful setting overlooking the ocean. You might want to consider that. The only thing is that there will be people eating inside the restaurant and but they block it off.
      Hi Desi- Those colors will look great together!! Our colors are light pink and brown. The bridesmaids dresses are pink and the grooms are going to wear brown shirts. I think for our centerpieces we are going to do a brown table runner with pink sparkly diamonds that someone helped me find on ebay (they are so cute) with votive candles all around and a couple of vases with pink flowers and either coffee beans or black m&m's that fill up the vases. What do you think? I was also thinking of having getting brown cloth napkins (I could always use them for our house after the wedding) and then having a pink ribbon tied around them. I thought that would keep with the theme instead of just regular white ones. You should just google images for your colors. I will do a search and see what I can find.

      #43 sjfreimark

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        Posted 13 April 2009 - 10:53 PM

        OK here is what I found......I like this idea but instead of saying MOM on the vase you could just not say anything.


        I think this would look cute too


        Let me know what you think! I will let you know if I find anything else.

        #44 Desi479

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          Posted 14 April 2009 - 08:39 AM

          Thanks so much Steph, I love it!!! Pink n brown is so cute 2gth, Im doin the diamonds on the table too! Heres the websites I found, let me know if urs r cheaper...
          Favor Frenzy Wedding Supplies, Tulle, Ribbon, Organza, and Baby Shower
          Wedding Decorations | Reception Table Decorations | Wedding Ideas

          Im thkn of doin different size hurricane vases w/ water and a flower floating in the water, like w/ stem and evrythg and mayb a floating candle and the diamonds sprinkled around them. I want a tablerunner also, but not sure if I shld do fushia or orange...what do u thk Yes, def please let me know if u find anythg else because Im not set on anythg, these r just ideas I was thkn :)

          #45 sjfreimark

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            Posted 18 April 2009 - 07:04 PM

            Hi Des- Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you!!! I have been so busy lately! I think the organza is about the same price I have found too! I think to cute down on the cost I am going to look around town to see what I can find. Then I don't have to worry about shipping costs. Because of the economy and I am gradating in May and really don't know if I will get a job, we are trying to plan on a budget. I think your idea with the hurricane vases is great!!! It will look really nice. I think it would be kind of fun to have an orange table runner with fushia diamonds will look really cute with fushia and orange flowers floating in the hurricane vases. You could also make your own menu and that would add some extra color too!!! I think we are going to do that too.
            We just finished putting together an STD to see what they would look like and I can't wait to start making them. I am just waiting until I graduate and I have some time on my hands to begin. I will post them when they are done. Hope your doing well :)

            #46 Desi479

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              Posted 20 April 2009 - 07:42 AM

              No Prob Steph!!! Just wondering about the menu thg, r u doin a buffet?? I forgot 2 mention, I stayd at the Riu Palace Cabo May 2008 so if u have any questions let me know... Goodluck w/ school n evrythg:)

              #47 sjfreimark

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                Posted 22 April 2009 - 11:00 PM

                We aren't doing a buffet. We will probably rent out the Mexican Terrace from 8-11 and do an IPOD for dancing and stuff. I have heard the Mexican Terrace is BEAUTIFUL. I don't really know if I trust a DJ in Mexico. I am just so picky when it comes to music that I want certain things played....plus....it's cheaper and we are definitely on a budget!!!
                On tripadvisor I always here that the food is not very good? Is that true? I am soooo not a picky eater but I have just heard it a lot. Is this true? Hope your having a great week!!!!

                #48 ~Angela~

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                  Posted 22 April 2009 - 11:03 PM

                  Sorry to bust in on this ... :) Just wanted to assure you the food at the Palace is fab! And I am fairly picky .... Out of all the all-inclusives we've been to, the Riu was by far the best. Also, you can get champagne by the bottles at dinner. Love it!!!!

                  #49 nic123

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                    Posted 11 May 2009 - 01:23 PM

                    Hi All, this seems to be the official Riu Palace Cabo thread. I'm thinking of getting married at Riu Palace in Spring 2010. I emailed the WC to see about the photography since it's not listed in the packages. She replied with the extras price list. So I'm guessing photography is considered an extra. It seems like you would be spending a minimum of $470 which includes 80 prints and the cd. Looks like a fairly good deal as long as there's no hidden fees. Ladies please let me know if I'm missing something here in regards to photography. Oh and is this still Mango or some other company? Thanks! Here's the info:

                    1 proffesional photographer + 80 printed pictures 4x6 + leather album + (cd wih all the pictures)
                    1st hour $470.00usd
                    Extra hour $320.00usd
                    Special package (3hrs) $990.00usd

                    Video (03-05 days edition)
                    01 proffesional photographer + 1 cameras HDV format+ 1 tripod 3 DVD copies (edited with the music of the couple). The couple receive it 2 weeks after their wedding date
                    1st hour $600.00 usd
                    Extra hour (DVD Format)$290.00 usd
                    Special package (3hrs) $990.00usd

                    01 Hour photo+ video$890.00usd
                    03 hours photo+video $1790.00usd
                    Extra hour (after the 3 previous) $490.00usd
                    SHIPPING $ 60.00usd


                    #50 wedding0610

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                      Posted 30 May 2009 - 09:47 PM

                      Super excited getting close to officially confirming our June 12,2010 wedding once we can book our rooms which should be very soon since June is right around the corner Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

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