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I'm so xcited to finally be able to post here!!!! I signed up last nite and have been logging in every 5mins to try to say HELLO to all!!!!!!!


My name is Liz and my fiance and I are planning on a wedding date of July 26,2010!!!!!!


We're actually going to the Dominican Republic this month and then again in June to try to decide on a location. Right now we are considering, Santiago, Puerto Plata, and Punta Cana!!


I am looking forward to sharing my experience and reading yours!!!


Congrats to all my fellow brides-2-be!!!!




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Hi Liz-

Welcome to the forum!! It's such a great for all of the information you could possibly need! The girls here are great!

Let me know how your trip to Punta Cana goes-- I LOVE IT there. Went last April for the first time and I'm completely addicted. Since then we were back once in October and are planning another trip in May!!

Best of luck in your planning!

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