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Married Ladies and Long-Time Members...Check in Here

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#71 beachbride08

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    Posted 27 March 2009 - 03:49 PM

    I love this thread! I really miss having a wedding to plan. I had so much fun picking things out and planning all the details. I wish I could do it all over again. Not much has changed since we got married since we already lived together for a couple years before we got hitched. The name change and referring to each other as husband and wife was weird at first, but I think I have gotten used to it now.

    The biggest post wedding change is our impending move to AZ. We leave in 3days. We have been trying to buy a house, but we have been having the worst luck. We went on a house hunting trip in January and made an offer on a bank owned house. After a lot of time and negotiating we had to walk away. After that, all the other houses we liked that we looked at either sold or were under contract. Since we only had a month before my husband started working and since the flights were so expensive we didn't have a chance to fly back out to look at more houses. Then last Friday we found out our second choice house that was under contract becaome available again so we made an offer. It was also bank owned and very similar to the first house we offered on. Unfortunately, we found out last night that the bank pulled the house off the market. We plan on looking at more houses once we get out there, but it has just been such a frustrating process. We are living in temporary housing and decided to keep most of our stuff in one of those storage cubes until we get a house. We didn't want to have to unpack and repack everything in 2 months. We also had most of the stuff that we got for our shower in my inlaws basement because we didn't have space so everything was already nicely boxed up.

    We are very excited to move and felt this was the best time to do it since we don't have kids and we were both able to transfer with our current companies. I have been looking for a new job, but due to the economy have not had much luck.

    We hope to start a family within the next couple of years. I think once we get settled in AZ and can build up our savings again after buying a house we will start trying.

    #72 DanielleNDerek

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      Posted 27 March 2009 - 04:40 PM

      Michelle cant believe your moving in 3 days. wow that happened so fast. Goodluck with the move and the house hunt. I'm sure you guys will find the perfect house in time.

      Katrina your nephew is adorable. Congratulations!

      Kristy I cant believe your not married yet. And it took you way too long to finally put a siggy pic up girl. I remember the Miss Pacman looking thing you had on there 4ever. It was cute but you guys are way cuter! Your less than 2 months away now. that's really exciting!
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      #73 ErinB


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        Posted 08 April 2009 - 12:17 PM

        Michelle - good luck with the move and the job hunt. I guess you are in AZ now!

        The newest thing that is going on with us is our family vacation to Florida over Memorial Day weekend. I am not exctied about going. I would have much rather saved the money or put it to a vacation that was just the two of us. We didn't take a honeymoon after the wedding or even a mini-moon when we got home. The closest thing we have done was go to the NCAA regionals! LOL

        #74 azhuskergirl

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          Posted 13 April 2009 - 05:55 PM

          Michelle- Welcome to AZ! If you need anything, tips on restaurants, etc. let me know, ok!


          #75 katrina


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            Posted 14 April 2009 - 04:53 PM

            bump this baby!

            what's everyone up to?

            i can't freakin wait to go on vacation.

            #76 KLC77

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              Posted 14 April 2009 - 10:46 PM

              Katrina, a mediterranean cruise sounds fantastic! As for us, we are still looking for somewhere to live. I cried today because we can't find anything that isn't crappy in our price range and the few things I do find that we might like, I call my agent and they're on deposit already. So frustrating and depressing! I know we will eventually find something (I hope!), but right now it just sucks. And, my dh is so patient so it doesn't bother him at all.

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              #77 katrina


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                Posted 15 April 2009 - 04:46 PM

                kelly, is the market tough in connecticut?
                i only kind of know the derby area because a friend of ours lives there.

                #78 Banana11

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                  Posted 15 April 2009 - 04:49 PM

                  Katrina, I totally want to hear all about your cruise when you get back!!! That is on the top of DH and my dream vacation list! Where are you sailing from and what ports will you be visiting?

                  #79 katrina


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                    Posted 15 April 2009 - 04:58 PM

                    andrea, i'll definitely post a review..

                    it's a short cruise- only 4 nights, but we scored a killer deal. $310 a person! so we are flying into barcelona and staying 2 nights and that's where we pick up the boat. then we go to marseille and aix en provence france, then to ibiza (dance party anyone??) and back to barcelona. then we're spending another 2 days in barca.

                    we were on a 7 day cruise 2 years ago and i had a great time but i personally felt like 7 days was too long for a cruise. i know some people love it, but i get antsy. so this is really the best of both worlds for me.. time at land, time at sea, and super cheap!!

                    #80 Celina

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                      Posted 15 April 2009 - 05:00 PM

                      I haven't read all of everyones posts, but wanted to put this out there...I changed my state ID to my married name and since we are going back to Mexico for a mini-honeymoon without the kids (YAY!!); I had to get another passport with the name change and it cost $75 since it was over a year ago.

                      For those of you whose passports are still fairly new, change them with your new name as soon as possible. I was so bummed to have to pay all over again!

                      Nice to read up on everyone. This is a great thread Erin!
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