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Married Ladies and Long-Time Members...Check in Here

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#111 jamisoncollette

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    Posted 19 June 2009 - 06:34 PM

    Gosh its been forever! Reader's digest version-work, work, more work and finally closing on house June 30th. I have helped with my BF's wedding, will pose some pics for old time sakes! Still not preggers but still trying. And yes, I still have wedding envy :) Nice to see you again Heidi!

    #112 JUSTUSTWO


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      Posted 19 June 2009 - 06:46 PM

      Originally Posted by YoursTruly
      Okay so I was a tad slow checking in. Since the wedding the downclimb was fast! Demanding jobs and a little one keeps us on our toes and constantly busy! We are planning to return to Jamaica for our 6-month anniversary so that is definitely exciting! One MAJOR Faux pas of mine is that I still have not sent out my thank you cards! What a procrastinator I am! But our son was pretty sick the last two months so it kept getting pushed aside. Otherwise life is swell! Best wishes to all the new MRS!
      Adrene, I know I can't talk since I just got back from ROR myself, but I soooo envy you...you get to go back in a few months
      I'm so in love with St. Lucia, it's ridiculous! I just want to buy a villa and move down there. I cannot encourage you enough to go. And if you do go, don't just stay on the resort grounds. Get out and see the island. The people are so friendly and welcoming to tourists. We hired a taxi driver to give us a tour for the day (if you go, I can give you his info) and saw so many wonderful things. He took us to a restaurant for lunch that we never would've found. The food was delicious and super cheap. I'm so happy we chose to stay in villas instead of a resort because it made me explore the area. I can't wait to go back. Jet Blue is supposed to start flying there in October from New York for $99 one way! Much better than the $600 flights we had.

      If I did my wedding all over ago, the location definitelty would've stayed the same. Great, now I want to go back right now!
      We went to St.Lucia on a cruise in April & LOVED IT!!! We did an all day tour with CoSol tours and it was great so I totally know what you mean when you say you could just move there. I also saw that JetBlue has the $99 special and have been tempted to take advantage of it.

      Originally Posted by Heidi
      Hi everyone! It's been um, well ENTIRELY too long since I checked in on here and I was thinking about you all - so HI! Hope you're all doing well. Looking forward to spending hours catching up on everything I've been missing!
      Hey fellow ROR bride! Welcome back!

      #113 YoursTruly

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        Posted 19 June 2009 - 07:42 PM

        @ Yolanda - Sure we would love to have you and hubby. We can plan offline how to fit you both in our suitcases (smile).

        #114 ErinB


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          Posted 19 June 2009 - 08:01 PM

          It's great to see some familiar faces! It has been entirely too long!

          Our first anniversary is Sunday! I can't believe it! I have no idea where the time went. We don't have any big exciting plans. I was really hoping for a vacation (paper = tickets) but that wasn't in the cards for us. I'm definitely planning for next year though.

          No babies for us yet. I'm constantly torn between wanting one, but knowing we aren't really ready or where I would like us to be (financially, emotionally, career-ly). I have a dr. appointment at the end of August so after that I might have a better timeline, LOL

          #115 syl1115

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            Posted 19 June 2009 - 08:33 PM

            I just realized how long it has been since I posted anything. So much has happened since the wedding! I was laid off 1 month after we returned and on the same day my DH had shoulder surgery. After a couple of months of feeling sorry for myself and taking care of the hubby, I got off my ass and decided to register for school. I am taking classes in Graphic Design and I also found the opportunity of a lifetime when I met a lady that wanted to sell her consignment shop. I LOVE what I am doing now. I meet new people everyday and I don't have to be at work until 10:00 am!

            On a sadder note, we found out that my DH had a mass in his Kidney. They removed the entire kidney in May and it was cancerous. He is doing better each day. I am learning very quickly how to live on half the income I had before. It is difficult but so far we are managing.

            By the way, for any of you that remember the dress fiasco, I did take the seamstress to court and won my case! I won't hold my breath on getting paid.

            Congratulations Kat on your pregnancy!!!!

            Our wedding slideshowhttp://www.facebook.....=1047086342460

            #116 Kat81

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              Posted 19 June 2009 - 09:22 PM


              I'm so sorry about your DH.

              #117 azhuskergirl

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                Posted 03 July 2009 - 06:34 PM

                Sylvia- I am so sorry to hear about the tumor. How is your husband now?

                #118 Andi


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                  Posted 24 August 2009 - 04:58 PM

                  old thread...I am bringing it back to life....

                  Susan, your 1 year anniv. is coming up! wow that was a fast year! congrats!

                  married life is good...still hanging around the 'ol BDW though!

                  what is going on with everyone else?!

                  #119 Erika J

                  Erika J

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                    Posted 24 August 2009 - 05:23 PM

                    Andi- you are too cute!

                    I am not married yet but getting very excited for the big day, coming up soon in the next 2 months. Woot!

                    I cant believe that we acutally did the E-pics this weekend. When we got engaged almost a year ago, E shaved a faux-hawk mohawk in his head so there was no e-pics with that hair do, but we got a steal for $65 and had some taken by a new photog building thier portfolio. Happy to have it done and happy to use them in my photobook guest book.

                    #120 YaelM


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                      Posted 24 August 2009 - 05:33 PM

                      Andi - thanks for bumping! I realized i can finally post here now that Im married..w00t

                      Im actually going to legally change my name tomorrow which will make it even more real

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