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Couples Resorts Mega Thread

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Hey all Couples Brides and Honeymooners!


I spoke with Debbie Hall, the stateside wedding concierge today and had her send me the current wedding information. After our conversation I started thinking about future brides and I was inspired by SunBride to put together a comprehensive thread with the current information.


Debbie can be reached at weddings@couples.com and will probably answer your questions much more quickly than the individual resort coordinators.


This is the current information for ALL COUPLES PROPERTIES

COUPLES SWEPT AWAY, Negril Jamaica COUPLES NEGRIL, Negril Jamaica COUPLES SANS SOUCI, Ochos Rios Jamaica COUPLES TOWER ISLE (formerly Couples Ochos Rios), Ochos Rios Jamaica


If you have more info to add, please PM me and I will be sure it is added in the appropriate place.


Important sites and contact info:




Main Website: www.couples.com


Couples Sans Scouci (resort photos only)


Couples Message Boards: http://couples.com/08messageF.htm


All things Wedding on Couples Message Boards: http://couples.com/08messageF.htm


Couples has a very active message board. You can find lots of info on various topics, pictures, wedding information, wedding pictures, and wedding reviews.


Additional Contact Info


Toll free Phone : 1-800-COUPLES


Island Romance Holidays

Attn: Weddings Department

11902 Miramar Parkway

Miramar, FL 33025




Thread details:


1. Basic Resort information

2. Wedding Packages

3. Ceremony Details

4. Legal Requirements and Marriage Certificate questions

5. General Wedding Info and Resort Policies

6. Reception Options

7. VENDORS - Photographer/Videographer, Florists, Décor, etc.

8. Attachments and Links

9. Photos

10. Misc. Info

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Wedding Package Information

•All Prices are in US Dollars

•There is a $200.00 Jamaican Government and administrative fee. ( Cashierâ€s check or Money Order only. Personal check will not be accepted.)

•Weddings are held Monday thru Saturday, every hour from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm


Couples Complimentary Weddings :

•Wedding Coordinator


•Non-Denominational Ceremony

•Sparkling Wine

•Two-Tier Cake

•Bridal Bouquet

•Groom Boutonniere

•His & Hers Half-Hour Massages

•Commemorative T-Shirts


Exclusive Sunset Hour Wedding Package - $890

Only 1 Sunset Ceremony Offered Each Day

•Wedding Coordinator


•Non-Denominational Ceremony

•Sparkling Wine

•Two-Tier Cake

•Bridal Bouquet

•Groom Boutonniere

•His & Hers Half-Hour Massages

•Commemorative T-Shirts

•Photographer and 24 Photo Package -- 24 printed photos in a Couples Resorts photo album, along with high-resolution images on a CD

•Two personalized champagne flutes

•Personalized wedding certificate holder

•Personalized knife & cake server

•Special "Just Married" breakfast in bed the day after your wedding

•Couples Resorts "Thank You" cards


Ultimate Wedding Package - $3500

•Exclusive Ceremony at Sunset (5:00 pm)

•Wedding Coordinator


•Non-Denominational Ceremony

•Sparkling Wine

•Two-Tier Cake

•Upgraded Bridal Bouquet

•Groom Boutonniere

•Mento Band to play during the ceremony

•In Room Couples Massage

•Matching Couples Resort Plush Robes

•Commemorative T-Shirts

•Photographer and Deluxe Photo Package -- printed photos in a Couples Resorts photo album, along with high-resolution images on a CD

•Two personalized champagne flutes

•Personalized wedding certificate holder

•Personalized knife & cake server

•Special "Just Married" breakfast in bed the day after your wedding

•Couples Resorts "Thank You" cards

•Customized mini-bar stocked daily with your favorite liquors from our bars

•Express in-room check-in

•Private car airport transfers

•Private sunset cruise on a scuba boat

•Late checkout (upon availability)

•Specially decorated dinner table for your wedding night feast

•A special surprise VIC gift delivered to your room

•Bottle of Moet champagne & chocolate-covered fruits in your room

•Romantic dinner on the beach any night during your stay


Tower Isle Wedding Package (only at CTI) - $4500

Celebrate your nuptials in secluded tropical luxury on the private offshore island

•Exclusive Ceremony at Sunset (5:00 pm)

•Wedding Coordinator


•Non-Denominational Ceremony

•Sparkling Wine

•Two-Tier Cake

•Bridal Bouquet

•Groom Boutonniere

•Photographer and Deluxe Photo Package -- printed photos in a Couples Resorts photo album, along with high-resolution images on a CD

•Boat transportation to the island for you and your wedding party

•Private wait staff to serve you and up to 40 of your guests hors d'oeuvres and cocktails

•Hors d'oeuvres served on the island

•Full bar on the island

•Romantic décor for the ceremony and reception sites

•Authentic Mento band to play during your wedding ceremony and cocktail party

•Two personalized champagne flutes

•Personalized wedding certificate holder

•Personalized knife & cake server

•Special "Just Married" breakfast in bed for the day after the wedding

•Couples Resorts "Thank You" cards

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Ceremony Information



The ceremony takes about 15 minutes with commonly used vows (“to love and to cherish”). You may not modify it, but you may add your own short exchange that has a special meaning to you. Some couples choose to incorporate a unity candle lightning ceremony or even less traditional sand-ceremony (please bring your candles or sand recipients)


**We were able to write our own ceremony and provided the resort with the information 2 weeks before arrival. I also gave a copy to the WC when we had our meeting to discuss details.

  • Music: A CD player is provided, you can bring CD of your choice, usually 3 songs is sufficient. One to play prior to the ceremony, one for walking down the aisle and one for after the ceremony. If you don’t bring your own, traditional music will be played.
  • Locations: your choice

    Beach, Garden, Gazebo, Garden Pond, or other.


    In case of the rain an alternate covered location will be set-up. You are usually allowed to wait 15-20 minutes, depending on what you ceremony entails, to see if the rain will pass before you have to move locations.

Catholic Ceremony


Since the wedding of a Roman Catholic takes place in the church building proper rather than in a hotel or other location, a Catholic priest is not permitted to officiate at a wedding that takes place outside the church building. Please contact the Wedding Concierge for details if you are interested in a Catholic ceremony. There are local churches that work with the resort and can be contacted. **There is usually an additional fee or donation required for these services**


Jewish Ceremony


You may have a rabbi for your wedding but he must be able to legally perform the ceremony in Jamaica and his services will be at an additional cost. The wedding coordinators can refer you to a Jamaican rabbi.

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Legal Requirements and Marriage License Information


Couples are required to be on property at least two days in advance in order to finalize wedding arrangements.


Required Documents for weddings:

  • Notarized Copies of Your Birth Certificate
  • Photo ID - Copy of Your Passport or Driver's License
  • Notarized Proof of Divorce [if applicable]
  • Notarized Copy of Death Certificate for Widow/Widower [if applicable]
  • Certified Copy of Adoption [if applicable]
  • Deed Poll or Other Official Name Change Document Papers [if applicable]

All documentation must be received no later than 30 days prior to your arrival at the resort. If the required documents are received late (less than 30 days prior) then the standard $150 late fee will be charged.


Upon verification of completeness and accuracy, the documents will be sent to the resort. Please ensure that you provide a daytime telephone number in case we need to contact you regarding the documents.

What Is a Notarized/Certified Copy?

A notarized copy is a photocopy of an original document that has been certified by a notary public to be a true and accurate copy of the original document. A notarized copy is sometimes referred to as a certified copy.

How Does A Notary Public Make a Notarized Copy?

A notary public examines the original document that is being certified/notarized and compares the original to the photocopy. The notary public must be satisfied that the photocopy is a true and accurate copy of the original. If so satisfied, the notary public will print a statement on the photocopy that certifies the photocopy to be a true and accurate copy of the original document that was presented. The notary public signs the document and embosses a notary public's seal on the document. The notary public's signature and seal can later be authenticated by the government. If in your state / country a notary cannot sign and stamp the photocopy itself, they can write a letter stating that attached document is a true copy; date, sign, stamp the letter and attach the photocopy.


Visit VitalChek Express - Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Records, Divorce Records and Vital Records if you need to order a certified copy of a birth certificate, etc. The price varies by state.


Why Do Some Documents Need To Be Certified?

The certification of a document acts as an assurance that the photocopy is a true and accurate copy of the original. This is useful where it is impractical to provide or show the original document.

What is an Original Document?

An original document is a document that is not a copy of a document. A notary public can only certify/notarize copies of original documents and not copies of copies.


If you have further questions regarding Documents, please contact: Georgette@Couples.com


Marriage certificate:

The day of the ceremony you will receive a copy of your temporary wedding certificate. You will not be able to legally change you name with this certificate.


How long does it take to receive the marriage license? How many do we get?

It takes 12-16 weeks to receive your marriage license, at which time you will receive two copies.


Can I pay for expediting to receive the marriage certificate sooner?

There are currently no expediting services available in Jamaica.


Can I order extra copies of my marriage license?

You are able to purchase extra copies at $25 each. Please advise your wedding coordinator when you meet with her if you would like to order extra copies.


Is my marriage LEGAL?

YES, Marriages performed in and according to the laws of Jamaica are also legally valid in the United States and Commonwealth countries (ex – Canada). Because each individual state, territory, or commonwealth determines its laws of marriage, you should contact the applicable Attorney General's office if you have any specific questions. The laws governing the validity of marriages performed outside of the US have not changed in recent years and from all we are told, it is not necessary to register your marriage in the respective state in which you reside but rather, you should present your Jamaican marriage certificate as needed when carrying out name changes, updating documents etc.

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Resort Policies


Canceling and making changes to existing wedding reservation:

If you wish to cancel wedding reservation, change the date/time, you must contact your wedding coordinator. You have 7 days from the booking day to cancel the wedding and then the fee becomes non refundable. There is no charge to make changes.


Appointment with wedding coordinator:

Shortly after your arrival at the resort, the wedding coordinator will contact you and will set-up a meeting. You may be given a card with your appointment time at check in. This pre-wedding interview usually takes place a day or two before the ceremony and lasts 1-2 hours.


At the meeting you will select a menu for your cocktail reception, confirm ceremony details, floral orders, cake orders, etc. If you choose to bring any items with you, your WC will tell you when to have them to her office. (I think this depends on the number of weddings taking place)


It is always a good idea to confirm as many details as possible as early as possible. Any details or reservations you make will be noted in your file. This is especially important if you have a large group!


I brought copies off all correspondence, pictures of my inspiration cake and ceremony set-up, as well as a copy of our Big Day timeline to give to our wedding coordinator. It would be helpful to write down all that you expect and what/where you want things to go for your coordinator.



Couples currently does not accept shipments of any goods or supplies before the wedding. They do not have the storage space or will accept the liability for the items. The postal system is not the best and shipping is very expensive so you are better off to bring any items with you.



Couples can accommodate adult, couples-only groups up to 100 people. These can be Same-Sex couples.


(IMPORTANT: Up to a maximum of 5 off-property couples may attend without approval (wedding coordinator needs to be advised in advance). Any more than 5 couples must be approved by the General Manager in advance .


CSA and CN – Book 10 Rooms and get the 11th free

CTI and CSS – Book 8 Rooms and get the 9th free, Bride and Groom also upgraded to Honeymoon Suite

•Complimentary Honeymoon Suite is offered for the number of nights equivalent to the least number of nights booked by a couple in the group. (Ex. if 7 couples are staying 5 nights and 1 couple is staying 3 nights, the bride and groom will receive the Honeymoon Suite free of charge for 3 nights. The remaining nights of their stay will be charged at the rate of the minimum category booked within the group).

•Complimentary room(s) will be based on the least expensive value of the room within the group block


Group Policies: Couples Resorts - All-Inclusive Resorts - Jamaica


**Couples Swept Away is the only resort to my knowledge that can accommodate single guests with 2 double beds. You must have a group contract to make this request. All attempts will be made to honor your request but are not guaranteed prior to arrival.**


Ceremony passes for wedding guests not staying at Couples Resorts:


Family and friends (18 years and older) staying at a different resort may attend the ceremony by purchasing a Ceremony Only Pass, Half Day Pass, or Full Day Pass. There will be enough cake and sparkling wine for everybody (If more than 10 guests are attending the wedding there will be a small fee for additional cake and champagne). Passes payment will be collected upon their arrival.

•* The present ceremony pass is US$50 per person maximum two hours on property which includes ceremony, cake and champagne immediately after. Guests usually arrive 30 minutes prior to the ceremony.


•* Half day pass US$100 per person maximum eight hours to include ceremony, cake, champagne and one major meal.


•* Full day US$200 per person to include ceremony, cake, champagne and two major meals.


•Subject to the approval of the General Manager, children under 18 years -- USD $50

(Subject to the approval of the General Manager, children may attend wedding as guests for the ceremony and photographs only. After the wedding ceremony and photographs the children must leave the resort.)


Please email your guests’ names to your wedding coordinator as soon as you know they are planning to attend. Their names will be provided to the security so they can enter the Resort. There are limits of how many off-property guests you can invite and the Resort must be notified in advance. 50% of your guests must be staying on property.

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Reception Information


What dining options do I have available for my wedding party?

In order to maintain the intimate atmosphere at our restaurants that require reservations, a maximum of 10 people only may be pre-booked together. Please submit all names to our wedding concierge no later than 30 days in advance.


Larger wedding parties may be offered the following options:

  • a. Reserve a private dinner at $95 per person plus a $200 set up fee. Locations vary by resort. Your private reception will include a beautiful buffet-style dinner, wait staff and a full bar.
  • b. Reserve a section in one of our larger restaurants that can accommodate your group and order from a set menu.

What decorations are included with the private reception?


White linens are provided. You may also bring your own decorations if you wish. Other colors are at an additional charge. Please see your wedding coordinator for pricing and availability.


Are there other extras that may be purchased for a private dinner/private reception?


Yes. More detailed extras are available. Please contact your wedding concierge with details of what you would like. All extras are offered upon availability, and prices are subject to change.


Cocktail Party(cold) 15.00pp per hr


Cocktail Party(hot) 20.00pp per hr


Private Dinner / Reception 95.00pp minimum


Place cards 150.00

Groups over 10 will be assessed a $200 set-up fee for all private functions.


Wedding Extras:

  • Rehearsal 75.00
  • Projector rental 40.00
  • VCR/TV 20.00
  • PA/ microphone 10.00
  • Place cards 150.00
  • Hand served champagne at ceremony (for 10 or more) 5.00pp

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Photography Services, Flowers, Music, Cake, etc


Outside Photographers


Effective December 1, 2008 outside photographers will be allowed at all properties for a fee of $500 for up to two photographers. All wedding couples who have reserved weddings prior to this date will be allowed to use outside photographers at the current vendor fee of $175. The vendor fees are waived if the photographer is a paying guest staying at Couples for a minimum of three nights. *Keep in mind the rooms are double occupancy so you will also have to pay for an assistant.


Wed Cast - $375:


A special web page will be created for you, and your family and friends back at home can log-in and watch live feed of the ceremony. Please make a request in advance.


How long do the photos take?


Depending on what you have chosen for your wedding or vow renewal it can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The ceremony itself takes 15 - 20 minutes, and then you will go with the minister for the signing of the marriage license. Following the signing there will be a cake and champagne reception, and if you choose a photo package, the photographer will then take you around the property for photos.


Resort Photography:

All digital photo packages include CD and album – prices range from $300 - $650

  • 24 Photos- $300
  • 36 Photos- $400
  • 24 Photos w/VHS-$450
  • 24 Photos w/DVD-$500
  • 36 Photos w/VHS-$550
  • 36 Photos w/DVD-$600
  • Deluxe pack* w/VHS- $610
  • Deluxe pack* w/DVD- $650
**Deluxe packages includes 5(8X10), 20(4X6), 10(5X7) photos and photo album.
  • DVDs (20- 30 minutes) 300.00
  • Album replacement 21.00 +SH
  • Photographers charge 100.00 per hour*

    (Charge for any extra time you would like to have with the photographer)


  • Brides Bouquet
  • Standard – complimentary
  • Upgraded-$30 and up
  • Other custom upgrades- prices may vary
  • Boutonniere –$10 (complimentary for the groom)
  • Wrist Corsage - $15
  • Pinned Corsage - $10
  • Rose Petals - $9 per bag
  • Loose Flowers -$12
  • Bridesmaid Bouquet- $25+
  • Full Hair Wreath - $35
  • Half hair wreath - $20
  • Center pieces - $35 and up
  • Ceremony Décor - $50 and up
  • White Aisle Runner - $40

**If you want to use Calla Lilies, Tulips or any flower that is not indigenous you must make arrangements at least 30 days prior to your wedding to get them. They must be shipped in.**


CSA and CN both use Floral Fantasies. See samples of their work here:

Floral Fantasy; Flowers for All Occasions from Negril, Jamaica


*I did contact Floral Fantasies directly and was quoted a higher price than what I was charged by the resort. Must be the volume discount.*



  • CD – bring your own or pick from our selection – complimentary
  • Mento Band - $150/hr

    Here is a sample of a Mento Band. They are not the ones to play at the weddings., but just so you know what the music sounds like.

    YouTube - stir it up

  • Guitarist & Cellist $450.00/hr
  • 3pc. Steel Drum Band $400.00/hr
  • 5pc. Steel Drum Band $600.00/hr
  • Pianist $350.00/hr
  • Saxophonist $350.00/hr
  • Disc jockey $225.00/hr. min 3 hours



Standard Cakes are available in Chocolate, Vanilla, or Jamaican Fruit.

  • 10-20 personsadditional $60
  • 20-40personsadditional $80
  • 40-80 personsadditional $120
  • 80-100 personsadditional $150

Customized cakes are available at an additional cost depending on design and style. Prior notice and picture must be available for quotation.


**My cake was 3 tiers, so we had one of each. It was tasty!




Resort Extras:


Honeymoon room (décor, scented candles, rose petals, champagne) 50.00


Sunset Cruise (per couple) 500.00


Dress steaming 30.00up


Private Candlelight dinner on the beach 150.00 per couple

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Helpful Links


Ceremony and Reception locations

Jamaica Wedding - Couples Resorts - Jamaica Honeymoon


Spa Menu:

Couples Swept Away Spa - Best Negril, Jamaica Spa Resort: Spa Rates


Couples Reviews from the forum:










Couples Weddings - Videos and Slideshows:


**Let me say that I donâ€t know any of these people, but their videos were posted publicly on YouTube, etc. and were found via basic google search.


Sans Souci – Jan 09 http://danielnjeniwedding.shutterfly.com/

Feb 09 YouTube - Jennifer and Jerry's Wedding Slideshow

Date unknown YouTube - Sans Souci Website Video


CSA – Jan 08 YouTube - Kevin & Debbie's wedding - Couples Swept Away - Jamaica 08

Date unknown YouTube - The Diamonds and Pearls 2008

Oct 08 HOME Blog Archive Mike & Kim… The love!

Sept 08 HOME Blog Archive The Beautiful Traci & David



CN – Dec 08 YouTube - Debmike - Couples Negril, Jamaica

Nov 08 Lindsey & Tim


CTI – no videos found. I guess the property is too new. They are scheduled to open April 12 of 2009.

These were the most recent photos I found of COR. I donâ€t know if still looks like this or not and what has been done to the guest room s during the remodel. Couples Ocho Rios - Pictures of Couples Ocho Rios - Couples Ocho Rios in Jamaica

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