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Where do I buy Floral Vases in PV?

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Hey girls, have you asked Rebeca if she has some you can use for the centerpieces? I asked her if she had round vases for floating candles and seashells in the bottom, and she said she had everything so I don't have to bring/buy anything. There is a charge but it isn't as much as a full centerpiece costs.

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Originally Posted by mayanbride78 View Post
If i decide to do a floral centrepiece for all my tables and need glass vases.... Does anyone know where in PV I can buy some cheap glassware/vases? thanks.bunny_4.gif
Here are some options...


Mega and Soriana are grocery stores like Walmart. They won't have a huge selection but they'll have something. Perlita is a crafts store like Michaels but VERY NOT like Michaels. If you don't speak Spanish at all, your best bet will be the first three. :)

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