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Couples Resorts Wedding Dates * Important Links Here*

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Please use this thread only to list your wedding dates. Carly will keep the original posting updated whenever new dates get added. I'd also like to include links to important threads here as a central location for Couples Resorts. This will help new brides along in the planning process. So please post any threads that you feel are important, with a reason why (if it isn't obvious from the thread title), and I will keep this posting updated.


Check out these threads for helpful info on Couples Resorts




BDW Weddings Taking Place at Couples Resorts


June 2008 Brides

User Name: ErinB

Couple: Erin and Mike

Location: Excellence Riveria Cancun

Wedding: June 21, 2008

in Jamaica June 1 - June 23


March 2009 Brides


April 2009 Brides

username: memz

couple: sophie & sebastien

location: couples negril

wedding date: april 15th 2009

negril, jamaica


May 2009 Brides


June 2009 Brides


July 2009 Brides


August 2009 Brides


September 2009 Brides

User Name: Dayla911

Couple: Dayla and Randell

Location: Excellence Riveria Cancun

Wedding: September 19, 2009

in Cancun 9/16-9/23 2009


User Name: MixyVixen

Couple: Aurelia & Andrew

Location: Couples Swept Away

Wedding: Sept 23,2009

in Jamaica 9/20-9/30


October 2009 Brides


November 2009 Brides

User Name: Vikki

Couple: Vikki and Brandon

Location: Couple Sans Souci

Wedding: 11/2/09 4:00


December 2009 Brides


Couple: Eugene and Tiffany

Location: Sandals Grande Ochos Rios

Wedding Date: 12/12/209


User Name: Tiva12

Couple: Janice & Simon

Location: Grande Ocho Rios Sandals

Wedding: December 18, 2009

in Jamaica 12/16-12/23 2009


January 2010 Brides


February 2010 Brides

User Name: shyk3

Couple: Krista and Jesse

Location: Couples Negril

Wedding: February 20, 2010

in Jamaica February 18th - 26th


March 2010 Brides


April 2010 Brides


glc006 - Sandals Grande Ocho Rios Gemette and Victor April 3, 2010


Username: ringlis

Couple: Rachel & Todd

Location: Couples Tower Isle

Wedding Date: 04/15/10


May 2010 Brides

Username: Sara1371

Couple: Sara & Robyn

Location: Couples Negril

Wedding Date: 05/05/10


June 2010 Brides

Username: tawneytobe

Couple: Jeremy & Sheena

Location: Couples Swept Away

Wedding Date: 6/26/2010


July 2010 Brides

username - sunstarsmoon

couple - Chris & John

Location - Couples Sans Souci

Wedding Date - July 8, 2011



August 2010 Brides


September 2010 Brides


October 2010 Brides


November 2010 Brides

username - stacey0423

couple - Stacey & Scott

Location - Couples Swept Away

Wedding Date - November 13, 2010


December 2010 Brides


January 2011 Brides


February 2011 Brides


March 2011 Brides


April 2011 Brides


May 2011 Brides

Alicia & John

May 21, 2011

Couples Tower Isle


June 2011 Brides


July 2011 Brides


August 2011 Brides


September 2011 Brides


October 2011 Brides


November 2011 Brides


December 2011 Brides

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username - eliana

couple - Eliana & Miguel

Location - Dreams Punta Cana, DR

Wedding Date - December 1st, 2010

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