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Super Deal on Luggage Tags! Must share!

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So I was at Michael's tonight and in the dollar bins I found a great deal! They have luggage tags 2 for $3 in a variety of colors. I got orange, red, and green. They are plain leather with a buckle as the closure. They also have a car, plane,bus and trian lightly imprinted but are all solid. Then I decorated them with travel stickers I found in the Martha Stwart section and some bling stars. I super glued both to stay secure. They are so cute! I thought they might look cheesy, but they turned out great and then FI came home and loves them. He really likes the personal touch! THey will go great in the OOT bags I created. They are white canvas totes (also from Michales) and then I stenciled and hand painted designs, out Initials and dates in our colors, teal and chocolate.


Just ordered my pashminas from Handbags Central, on the way.


Just thought I would share some projects I was working on. I would post pics, but I dont have enough points. I will post some soon when I can. Thanks!


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