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Beach Wedding Locations Recommendations?

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We have decided to change our wedding plans and are looking for a semi-private beach in So Cal or Nor Cal. We are limiting the guests to immediate family and a few friends. I am posting here in search of advice and recommendations for beaches and a nearby restaurant. My Fiance and I are going to drive the coast during the next couple weekends and hopefully locate "our Spot."


We are looking for

Sandy Beach with rocky cliffs and outcrops

Natural scenery with little buidlings etc in the background

Semi-Private - Kind of a scenic "Off the beaten Path" location

Nearby Restaurant that will accomodate 30 people for dinner

Nearby Hotels / night life


We would prefer So Cal or central Cal but will go North if the location is appealing enough.


We also would like to locate a non - denominational wedding officiant.


Any other advice is greatly appreciated from anyone experienced with this process.

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Hi TnA2009,


You might want to check out the Ritz Carlton in Laguna

Southern California Vacation Packages- The Ritz-Carlton- California Coast Vacations


If you are willing to pass on the beach, Cornerstone Gardens is a great location with LOTS of room for creative photos.

Cornerstone Place, located in Sonoma, California


Best of Luck to you in your selection. Can't wait to see what you decide on.

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Hi, I am not sure how North you are willing to go, but I think places like Fort Bragg are going to have the most secluded beaches (which are also very pretty).  Another beach area I would recommend would be the Pajaro Dunes, located between Monterey/Carmel and Santa Cruz. That is pretty secluded because people generally choose to go north or south instead.  


There are also some really pretty beaches in Carmel, I think the most secluded one would probably be Hidden Cove or North Beach.


We were considering these locations for our wedding, but are probably not going this route because the area is so expensive it would be hard on our guests.

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