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Blocking rooms

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How early did everyone start blocking rooms at the hotel?


I am in the process of trying to estimate how many rooms I will need to block so that my TA can start the paperwork with the hotel. since my wedding isn't until April 2010, I don't want to seem pushy by asking all my guests if they think they are actually going or not.

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I started blocking rooms last month... I'm getting married August 2010. I based the number of rooms I needed to block on the amount of guests I was going to invite. I don't have to pay for unused rooms so I took my maximum amount of guests as an estimate.

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I blocked in January for November. I sent an email out to family and close friends and asked if they thought they may be coming and got a good # from there. I went over on the room block because it is Thanksgiving weekend and the hotel books up - but we can drop any amount until May, and then we can drop certain percentages of rooms after that if they aren't booking - the being able to drop rooms is very helpful and highly recommended

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