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Photographer review with pics!!!

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Our photographer was Varia from Toronto. She was the only thing that went perfect at our wedding. :) She was on time, with great smile, being encouraging about the rain :) What I especially liked about Varia, aside from amazing pictures, is her patience and professionalism. We had our 7 month old daughter with us. Who has babies knows how hard it is to take portrait picture, make them look at the camera and smile. She was ultra patient with very irritable baby, we, as parents, really appreciated that!!! Varia made us feel like superstars posing for photoshoot :) she was very creative. Told us how to turn, where to put our hands, the result was phenomenal! We had tons of fun taking pictures :) but Trash the Dress session was even more entertaining :) she found a perfect place for the pictures, not far from the resort. As a photographer, Varia, proved to be very flexible and accommodating! When we were doing the session I saw horse riding tour going down the beach. I love horses! So I asked Varia if I could take picture s on the horse. My new husband went and got the horse for me! (perks of being newlywed you get what you want, at least for first little while! :) ) Varia immediately came up with poses and told me what to do! The pictures turned out breathtaking!!! Varia promised to make our pictures special and boy, did she deliver! Everybody who saw the pictures were blown away! Well, take a look yourself!


Jamilya & Serge

Jamilya & Serge

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