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BM Gifts...Akoya Wish Pearls!!!

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Hi All,


I couldn't find another post talking about this but i've come across a fantastic gift for the ladies in your wedding party...They are called akoya wish pearls and they come in a kit with a real oyster and a sterling silver or gold plated necklace. You make a wish and the color of the pearl determines the luck you will have....SO FUN!!!


They also are very inexpensive if you shop around for them. The pearls have never been opened so it truly is a surprise to see what you get!


Here is a link to check them out:

Unique Glow: Wish Pearls


This site is just to show you but I would shop around, EBAY is good, you can get them much cheaper, especially if you buy them in bulk.

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Amazon has them, but for different prices and I can't tell what makes the price different...?


I can't quite decide if this is really cool and cute, or kind of weird and tacky - LOL

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Well what might make them different prices are whether the pearls are freshwater or salt water. The akoya pearls have a nicer shape than freshwater. Plus it might be the necklace that makes the cost different, either silver or gold plated. The interesting thing about this is there is a chance, albeit slim, that you will get a rare blue pearl which is worth some money (I think like $80 - $100).


I personally don't think it's tacky or weird, just for fun. It depends on your bridesmaids I guess. I think the pearl makes it an interesting "beach" type gift.

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