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Great site for "green" brides !

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Not too sure where to post this as they do not only wedding favors, but also invitations, thank you cards, confettis, boxes for other favors, etc. Anyway, I was looking for special wedding favours and I stumbled upon this site :


Plantable Seed Wedding Favors from Botanical PaperWorks


Botanical paperwork, they have a HUGE selection of plantable wildflower seeds products. They even have some flip-flop shapes favors for the destination weddings !


And they do it for babys too (not only weddings).


Loved it, I thought I would share.

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This is a great thread. I've tried to be as 'green' as possible too, although I think the carbon costs of everyone traveling to my wedding counter-balances all my efforts!!


I bought my seed paper (18 x 24) from Handmade Paper Wedding Invitations - Recycled Flower Petal and Seed Custom Paper and Supplies Resource. I had a wedding card designer print my invites on vellum (I believe vellum these days is made from cotton). She then folded the seed paper around the vellum inserts and inserted some dried flowers in the vellum envelope. I've gotten a lot of compliments on the invites. I'll try to post a pic later. I don't know if the seed paper grows successfully or not, I'm still waiting for someone to try it and let me know :)


We also did online rsvps and save the dates to cut down on paper. I got talked into wedding programs, which I wanted to avoid...


We've tried to encourage the chefs at our hotel to use local ingredients as much as possible. I'm using non-paper OOT bags, mine are handmade by a charitable organization in India, Product Gallery

I doubt they ship but can't hurt to ask. We're making donations as our wedding favors.


Regardless, I feel guilty about the amount of paper and 'waste' I'm creating, but I'm trying...if anyone has any other suggestions, I would love to hear them.

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