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Breezes Runaway Bay Dates * Important Links Here*

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Please use this thread only to list your wedding dates. I will keep the original posting updated whenever new dates get added. I'd also like to include links to important threads here as a central location for Breezes Runaway Bay. This will help new brides along in the planning process. So please post with any threads that you feel are important, with a reason why (if it isn't obvious from the thread title), and I will keep this posting updated.


Check out these threads for helpful info on Breezes Runaway Bay




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I am getting married at Breezes Runaway Bay on Jan 11, 2011!  We are arriving on Saturday the 8th, maybe we'll see you there!  Are you planning to use the resort photographer?  I would love to keep in touch and maybe work together on some wedding planning at BRB...

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I am so sorry I didn't answer sooner.  Fact is I am not very computer savy and find it difficult navigating this site.  I would be very happy to help you in anyway I can to plan your wedding at Breezes Runaway Bay.  We had out renewal of vows March 20, 2010 and everything was PERFECT.  Which coordinator are you working with?  Yes, we used the resort photographer.  They fine you $1000 if use an off site photograher.  We chose the smallest package and also had cameras for the guests to use and now have hundreds of wonderful pictures.Being a vow renewal things were a little different.  We did not have a traditional wedding when we first married and my husband had been disappointed.  We had dated in high school (43 years ago) and were seperated 23 years before we finally got together. After we had our little ceremony he told me he had always dreamed of me coming to him in the big white dress etc.  So I decided for our 20th anniversary that The would finally have his dream.


We have been fortunate enough to have visited Breezes for 9 years now and have made wonderful friends there.  They are our Jamaican family and we wanted their children included so we had our ceremony at the golf club instead of the resort (as children under 14 are bot allowed at the resort) and our reception at Eva's Italian Restaurant in Ocho Rios.  Originally the resort had not been very cooperative so I made "other" plans. 


I won't bore you with too many details now. But please, please, please feel free to contact me directly at sshop@charter.net and I will be more than happy to answer any questions and fill in any details that you may be interested in.  Just put Breezes Wedding in the subject box.


Happy planning and I do hope to hear from you soon.  Shari

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