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Great Find for GM and Groom

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Ladies, I found the best pants for the guys!!!

Let me tell you, its been a great week! I have found so much stuff!!!


OOT bags (eco-friendly paper ones, 7.97 for 13 at Wal-Mart! )


GM + Groom Shirts at Old-Navy

Women's & Men's Clothes: Plus Size, Maternity, Baby & Kid's Clothing | Old Navy


FI ring @ applesofgold.com

14K Two-tone Gold Hammered Wedding Band Ring


Anyway, I have to share this with you!

Dockers Golf Performance Flat Front Pants


Golf Town


They are golf pants and come in a nice off-white called cement.

Best part: Moisture Whicking!


Second best part: HALF OFF!!!

They have stopped making them, they are on CLEARANCE so grab them FAST! smile72.gif


P.S. I am going Shopping in Montreal here's hoping I come back with some good stuff!!!

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Excellent find. I also bought my grooms shirt at Old Navy and probably picking up the GM in the chocolate brown. The guys have been the same size for years so I am not worried about them growing lol.


Great pants you found at Golf Town and the price you can't beat that. I would never of though of looking there.


Have fun in Montreal and my fingers are crossed you find some good priced stuff!

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